Brown-Sugar & Cinnamon Preserved Ponderosa Lemons

The condiment “preserved lemon”—lemons brined (or pickled) in salt and spices, and then allowed to ferment/ripen for many weeks (or months)—is widely used in Moroccan, Indian and North Africa cuisine. And since I have Ponderosa lemons growing on my property, and that I love sweet and sour combinations, I decided to create my own concoction for preserving lemons; I added the molasses flavor that comes from brown sugar....more
These Ponderosa lemons are so beautiful to look at, too. And so my next cooking/recipe post ...more

A Gift of a Salad: Preserved Lemon and Cantaloupe Salad

The salad was so refreshing and interesting that I made more of it for my lunch the next day, this time with the addition of feta cheese. The result is like the recently popular feta and watermelon combo out on a date with a classic Greek salad....more
be careful of the cantaloupes... not sure where you live, but 16 people across the USA have died ...more

Homemade Preserved Lemons.

Last weekend, we spent a weekend out of the city in Ojai, California.  I came back with a bag full of Eureka lemons picked off of the trees at the place we stayed. That's why I can call these homemade lemons.  My cousin-in-law made them, or, allowed them to flourish, anyway. ...more

There's so much salt and acid in the jars that I am not planning to refrigerate until I open ...more