Supporting Trump Is A Sin Against God

Let me begin by saying that it is not my intention to paint Democrats as saints and Republicans as sinners. On the contrary, the lesser of two evils will never constitute purity. The trouble with government is that it is infected with pride and none of us can see our way past it....more

Why I’m Not Voting This Year

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Pinocchio for President

Blogher Writing LabAugust Theme: TALESFriday, August 5, 2016 Which story character do you think would do a good job as president?I vote for Pinocchio! We, the people, would know when he was telling us a lie. As a politician, his nose would grow very long. Mauldin, Blogger, Writer, and Certified Aromatherapist...more

Vote For Your Choice Among The Presidential Candidates

Are you nervous about the Presidential election on November 6? Can't wait for it to be over so everyone can take a deep breath and stop fighting? In just a few days, we'll resolve one of the most contentious presidential campaigns I can recall in decades. This week, the BlogHer opinion poll gives our community the chance to do a practice vote before you go to the polls for the real thing....more
Everyone should get out and vote. Never let anyone tell you your vote doesn't count because of ...more

Presidential Debates

I have watched both Presidential debates, the Vice Presidential debates and although I have already decided whom I shall vote for I am always amazed at how these things play out.  We have two grown men, fighting about who is the richest….it’s a bad thing in this case.  I can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of it all.  Two very wealthy men trying to convince the nation that one is wealthier than the other and that the wealthiest is a bad person…..seriously????  In my small world of poverty, if someone makes over a hundred thousand dollars a year they are filthy rot...more

If You Give a Mom the Presidency

Forget giving a mom a cookie, give a mom the Presidency – then watch what happens.Photo credit – Zazzle...more

Trust Not Yon Plumber With Thine Waterford

 Your kitchen sink is stopped up. You call a plumber who fiddles around in the under-sink cabinet and, eventually asks for something to catch the nasty, greasy contents of the sink.You immediately run to fetch your finest crystal fruit bowl and hand it over. No? If you think a treasured gift is an inappropriate place to capture slimy, stinky water, perhaps you’re unhappy with the President of the United States this week. ...more

His First Name is "President"

OK, look. I’m pretty much apolitical.  I have my own set of beliefs and I vote accordingly.  So, what I’m about to say has nothing to do with politics....more

17 Things I'd Do If I Were President

I don't get into politics much at all- not in conversation, not in my blog, not in my life. Sure, there are things I stand for, and things I oppose, but they are my things, that I generally keep to myself. My post today is not necessarily a political one. It is, like most of my other posts, a humorous one. So, enjoy, and feel free to add your own to the bottom as a comment, and share with your friends on facebook or via email (there are links for both of that) if you have the same views I do! ...more

Women of America, Suit Up! Notes from the DNC's National Issues Conference

On Friday, I attended part of the 18th Annual National Issues Conference held by the Democratic National Committee's Women's Leadership Forum. I was there to cover the President's remarks at the end of the day, but arrived early to hear some of the speakers. It was the best example of the personal becoming political, with each speaker drawing from her life in order to explain why this upcoming election matters. ...more
 @moderndaypearls All the speeches were fantastic -- it was really hard to pull quotes because I ...more