Mrs. "Julia" to Romney's Rescue

"Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country." -- Margaret Thatcher Ms. Thatcher knew her game well. Women gave the American political theater one heck of a thrashing over the last year. We've even managed to get the presidential candidates down on bended knees begging for our votes. You've got to hand it to the candidates -- they try hard. Lately, it's Gov. Mitt Romney who's making the inroads. ...more
Certainly Mrs.Romney is dealing with a lot of medical issues.  I commend her for the manner in ...more

Move Forward Because the World Has Changed: Obama's State of the Union

It's time for Americans and our politicians to seek unity for the sake of the nation, and "instead of re-fighting the battles of the last two years, let's fix what needs fixing and move forward." That was the theme of President Barack Obama's second State of the Union address that he delivered to the nation tonight. More than once he used the phrase "move forward," appealing to Democratic and Republican Party legislators to work together, and finally, invoking the American Dream, he relayed a stream of images designed to inspire striving for our ideals. ...more

Nordette, Thanks for this thoughtful post.

I thought the President did a great job last ...more

View From The (VERY) Top: Barack Obama’s Speech @ National Urban League Centennial Celebration 2010 – Part Two

RiaRob has been blessed to be at special places at special times, but never nothing like this. I am on a press platform getting elbowed (and throwing a few elbows of my own – I’m never scared) to get THE SHOT of a lifetime: a picture of President Barack Obama. I’ll be the first to say that television does not do The President justice. To watch him on television is one thing, but to see him in one of many historical moments is simply mesmerizing. Walk with me on this one:...more

View From The (VERY) Top: Barack Obama’s Speech @ National Urban League Centennial Celebration 2010 – Part One

View From The (VERY) Top: Barack Obama’s Speech @ National Urban League Centennial Celebration 2010 – Part OneBy riarob...more

Addressing Crisis by Investing in Women

By Thoraya Ahmed Obaid None of the crises we face today -- whether it is the food crisis, the water crisis, the financial crisis or the crisis of climate change -- can be managed unless greater attention is paid to population issues. ...more

Small Business Owners & COSE Talk Health Care Reform with President

President Barack Obama is getting input from entrepreneurs, the self-employed and small business owners as he works on changes for the nation's health care system. One small business organization is taking part in discussions on health care reform. The Council of Smaller Enterprises, or COSE, for short is participating in a town hall meeting with Obama scheduled for Cleveland, Ohio. ...more

CIT Group Questions Concern Many Business Owners & Employees

The fight for small business credit is getting tougher.  CIT, historically a top financer for small firms, faces potential bankruptcy.  For more than six months, CIT has virtually ceased making new loans –leaving business owners with few options. ...more

A Beautiful Day In History

Congratulations President Barack Obama!  ...more

President Barack Obama

  I can breathe again. It is official. “President Barack Obama”. What an amazing occurrence this is! <!--break--> Yes, I had my “Obama in 2008” button taped to my office desk 12 months ago. Yes, I watched TV as the states turned blue on Nov 4th and listened raptly as he made his thank you and God Bless speech. ...more