More Republicans Claim To Believe Obama Isn't American, To Ruin His Presidency

(Inquisitr) - Everyone talks about the polarization in this country, between the Republicans and everyone else. ...more

Ageism, Politics, the News, and YouTube

Almost one year ago, I published a post about ageism as it relates to politics. A week and a half ago, I was reminded how this issue is evolving and how far we still have to go. On January 22nd, President Obama gave his State of the Union address for the year. Most media and social outlets thought it was a good speech, agree with the content or not....more

On Doing What's Normal When Things are Turning to Shit

Normal has an extraordinary glow of comfort when things are turning to shit. Normal is your mother's hand on your cheek. Normal is the blanket of your youth pulled up to your neck, your head deep in billowy pillows that only this morning seemed due for replacement. Normal is precious, rich, unique, a reward for suffering long or short....more

A Child's Perspective on the 2014 White House Kids' State Dinner

Grillin' Out Veggie-Style Black Bean Burger.  "What! You Don't Like Tofu?" Stirfry.  Barack-oli and Mich-room Obama-lette.  These are just three of the 54 recipes that made it into the 2014 Kids' State Dinner at the White House on July 18, 2014. ...more
Sounds yummy! Did the White House share the menu anywhere? It's so great that your kids got to ...more

Obama Geeks Out with Students at White House Science Fair

A prosthetic leg fashioned from a recycled bicycle.  A handmade electric car raced by its creator.  A computer game meant to entice kids to love STEM.  And a camera that takes the place of a human diver in seeking out people trapped under ice.  100 students representing 30 states all came together today at the White House Science Fair to present their projects to the President of the United States. Uh, yeah, this isn't your run-of-the-mill science fair. ...more
The talent in this world just blows me away. Awesome kids!more

Barack Obama Wants Americans to Listen to Their Mother When it Comes to Health Care

In a rare joint Oval Office appearance, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama met with eight mothers this afternoon to discuss the Affordable Care Act. BlogHer was chosen to provide the pool report, giving us a close view of the event as they discussed the implementation of the new health care plan. ...more
This is interesting to read about from here in the UK. We just don't have the concept of paying ...more

My White House Visit, Plus My Selfie With President Obama

On December 4, 2013, the White House held a youth social summit to discuss health care. They asked 60 youth leaders from all over the country to attend this summit. They asked Nikki and The City. It was more than a summit. ...more
Haha I love that sneaky selfie with the Prez!more

Peanut Allergies: What My Kid Has in Common with Malia Obama

Yesterday, President Obama signed legislation that will directly affect my son. H.R. 2094, the School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, was passed with bipartisan support to help protect students with food allergies, especially in a school setting. At the same time, Obama shared that his own daughter, Malia, has been diagnosed with a peanut allergy. ...more

George Zimmerman's aquittal: Who knows what lurkes in the heart of others?

Like so many people I followed George Zimmerman's trial and was very disappointed but not surprised that George Zimmerman was acquitted. ...more

President Obama's Chili Recipe, and a Little Cooking Advice for POTUS

Anyone who knows me in real life or follows me on Facebook knows how proudly I support President Obama, but this post isn't about politics. It's about chili. I found the recipe for the president's chili online, and I have to tell you, I have issues. Well, one issue. Mr. President, I hope you don't think it presumptuous that I've altered your recipe just a little bit. With all due respect, it needs more heat. The flavor is great, and really, I've never used turmeric in chili before, so that was fun. Now, you've got to spice it up!...more