Jamie Foxx Calls President Obama 'Our Lord and Savior'

Sunday night, actor Jamie Foxx appeared on the 2012 Soul Train Award show in Las Vegas. And while he was on stage, had an interesting gem of wisdom to bestow onto the viewers of the show:"It's like church over here. It's like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama."Wait—what?...Continue reading at Gather...more

Praying for Government & President Barak Obama Elected to a Second Term

Barak Obama has just won his second term as President of the United States of America. The people have spoken. Although I did not vote for Obama, I will continue to pray for him, his family and his Presidency. Part of these prayers have been and will be for his protection and for him to allow God to be his guide. ...more

Presidential Candidates Spending Money With Reckless Abandon

I am certain that, regardless of the outcome, when this Presidential election is over, I will get approximately 27 fewer emails per day. I can't wait. ...more

Mr. President, Your Family Is Not More Important Than Mine

Recently, in an appearance on the morning chat show on CNN, Jessica Yellin revealed that President Obama has not done more outreach to Republicans because he wants to spend more time at home as a family. I give him a great deal of credit for wanting to be a hands-on dad. That is a wonderful thing. I mean that sincerely. He brought those two girls into the world and he is responsible for them. They deserve to have a childhood....more
@jpage.manuel  @righthappy Too much time?  As in...he HAS reached across at some point?  He has ...more

When I Run For President...

I want Bill Clinton to talk about me at the Democratic National Convention. ...more

Democrats Relocate Tonight's Big Party: Will It Dampen Enthusiasm?

When I asked some of the volunteers at the Democratic National Convention about Barack Obama's acceptance speech being moved from the outdoor Bank of America Stadium to the more weather-friendly Charlotte Convention Center, I could see the disappointment on their faces. They've been working long hours all week, helping things go smoothly, cheerfully directing delegates and those of us in the press and bloggy world to get to where we needed to go with as few hitches as possible....more
After Clint Eastwood spoke to the empty seat, Obama couldn't afford to have empty seats during ...more

President Obama Takes On Akin's Remarks

Rape support group advocates, politicians, broadcasters and almost anyone with a heart have been upset yet again, by another politician's carelessness concerning women. The politician in the hot seat this time, is Missouri's Republican Representative Todd Akin. According to Huffington Post, in a news conference on Monday, President Obama addressed Todd Akin's remark that "legitmate rape" rarely leads to pregnancy....more

BlogHer Conferences Update - - August 11, 2012

Well, BlogHer '12 is a mere memory now as we have reached the one week post-conference milestone. But it's not over entirely, we still have our VirtualCon where you can view photos, read liveblogs, and more! We're updating the VirtualCon regularly, so check back often for new material....more

President Barack Obama LIVE via Video at BlogHer '12!

Today we are honored to announce that President Barack Obama will address the BlogHer '12 audience at 4:30PM Thursday, August 2, via live video feed. We will gather in the Grand Ballroom at the New York Hilton to hear from the president live, and understand why he has chosen to make this rare conference appearance. We will be recording the video and posting it as soon as we can post-appearance. All conference passes, from day passes to party and/or expo passes to full passes will be granted admission to this special event....more
@ElisaC LOL Duh on me. I'm hoping for Chicago - even hubby's excited for that location. Maybe ...more

It's the Economía, Estúpido

A speech. An Ad. Un ado. Separately, each means nothing more than a headline but together, we can see the tightrope Mitt Romney is walking as he tries to reach out to Latinos, the demographic juggernaut and emerging voting bloc that he’s losing by significant margins to President Obama. He's trying to reach them in campaign ads like this one by avoiding immigration but laser focusing on the economy and jobs....more