The Poor Loser

Election night was a busy night for a lot of people...For some people it was a party, a celebration, and then for others like myself, it was empowering and productive...and by productive I mean the most productive and empowering thing I did after the fat lady sang was drinking half a bottle of Lambrusco and then spending the next hour reading all my Facebook friends posts on how they were so freakin' happy and how the right guy won blah blah blah, and then deleting them off my FB friends list......more  Robin,   I can't thank you enough for your friendship, and comments, you ...more

Presidential Candidates Spending Money With Reckless Abandon

I am certain that, regardless of the outcome, when this Presidential election is over, I will get approximately 27 fewer emails per day. I can't wait. ...more

I am a Big Obama fan

 I am a big fan of President Obama. He inherited crisis after crisis and he kept us from sinking into depression. His presidency so far hasn't been perfect but capital hill has been so polarized it was hard for him to get even compromise proposals through. He did, however, pass Obamacare, and a number of environmental initiatives amoung many other achievements. I have a nephew who is a rheumatologist and he is praying that the Supreme Court doesn't strike down key provisions of Obamacare. My nephew says it will be a disaster if it doen't go into effect....more
So you want the goverment to make health care decisions for you? Well I do not. You can't see ...more

I Was Married to Newt Gingrich

I'm coming clean and you are the first to know.If you are a frequent Dating Dementia reader, you'll recall that I seldom remember my dreams.  Scientists have established that everyone dreams.  I'm sure I do.  Yet, for some unknown reason, upon waking I remember nothing about the weird wanderings of my midnight mind.Ignorance is indeed bliss....more How come I just saw these comments? I know it is like soft ...more

They Loved You Tonight, Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin, you delivered the speech that they wrote for you in fine form, pointing your finger time and again just like Hillary used to, but I bet that the media won't call you on that pointing finger. After all, you are a ...more

McCain, Obama Have Different Views on Government Money Programs

Matthew Lesko is a best-selling author, appears regularly on network television shows, and travels the country appearing on virtually every newscast in the top 100 markets. His stage antics, as well as his sound consumer advice has made him a favorite guest on Larry King Live, Good Morning America, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Jay Leno, Letterman, and The Today Show. ...more

Elizabeth Edwards: Can You Believe It's HER Fault??????

Amazing! Elizabeth Edwards is "complicit" in her famous (or infamous) husband's extra-marital affair and the prolonged coverup that followed. She did it, say some Democratic Party leaders, to protect his political career and her own. She is as guilty as he is, some "dedicated Democrats" charge, as reported by the Associated Press. ...more

NY Times Archives Reveal Obama Not Truthful About Rev. Wright

Archives: Obama Lied About Wright ...more

Electing the President: The Ultimate Reality TV Show

Summer is upon us, which means any schedule that might have existed during the school year has completely dissipated. Wally and the Snapper are in and out at odd hours—actually, more out than in, which wouldn’t be such a bad thing except they have tendency to take my car when they go out.     ...more

The Double Standard With Which Gender and Race Are Treated in the Current Presidential Campaign

As the 2008 presidential campaign continues, I frequently think about the manifestations of racism and sexism that Obama and Clinton, respectively, are confronted with because of who they are. ...more