Romney Dances Away from Obama Jabs in Final Debate

Gov. Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama walked into Monday's debate with one goal: to pursuade undecideds.For Romney, he needed to avoid being too aggressive and maintain momentum and for Obama, he needed to come on strong and pick up steam.It's a crucial time for both campaigns....more
Great post..I think you summed it up for all of us very well. I also appreciate your unbiased ...more

Image and Politics

~All the TV channels say Mitt Romney won the debate.~As Americans, we are so obsessed with image and likability that we refuse to open our minds to facts, numbers, models, scales, or anything that could possibly help our nation....more

Where Has His Integrity Gone? The Third Presidential Debate

Tell me. Where is the real John McCain? I found this by far McCain's most disturbing performance in a debate. It was like he drank a potion that changed him from McCain to McNasty. Another chance to talk substance, and instead he spent most of his time either attempting to terraform Obama's plans to suit his own needs or else engaging in character assassination. When McCain won the Republican nomination, I never thought his campaign would look like this. The man I respected has disappeared. ...more

Snidely McCain Bullies as Usual but Fails to Tie the Final Knot

Remember the bumbling villain Snidely Whiplash in the Dudley Do-Right animated series?  But for the absence of mustache, John McCain might well have been mistaken for Snidely in the ...more

the new john mccain

last night's debate needed to happen. ...more

Vision vs. Retrospect--The Second Presidential Debate

I did not watch the debate live. I intended to catch CNN's replay at 5:00pm (+8 GMT) but it got preempted for not exactly breaking news. So there I was at midnight, brain starting to shut down, watching the debate. I can't claim to have caught everything, but there were some things that left a definite impression. And the longest lasting impression? Tones of voice. ...more

"Be Wery Wery Frightened"; Elmer Fudd, my nightmare and the Debate

I woke up this morning with Elmer Fudd’s voice in my head.   He whispered to me with his knees shaking, “Be wery, wery, frightened.”  Now I’m enough of a Bugs Bunny fan to know that Elmer would always hold his finger up to his lips and utter “be wery, wery quiet.”  But as dreams go, sometimes things go a bit differently.  I don’t remember anything from the dream, just Elmer and his warning which continued t ...more

The Lack of a Debate

I joined BlogHer a few months back and the one thing I notice is the blog and people LOVE election season. Either that or no one else can find anything to write about. You go to and it's a bunch of people's opinions on either Obama or McCain. But how does no one see that they are not talking about anything??!? Let me back up real quick... ...more

Faux News Holds Faux Republican Debate


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Dancing to the Top

I thought the season finale of “Dancing with the Stars” meant the end of entertaining high-jinks on live TV, but then I tuned into the Republican CNN/YouTube debate last night. I came in half-way through because I’d gone to an evening belly dancing class (more on that later). But as soon as I got in the front door I flipped on the TV, just in time to catch the question, “Do you believe every word of the bible?”. ...more