When the news gives you nightmares

I grew up needing to know.On vacation, my father bought two copies of The New York Times so nobody would have to wait. My mother took the paper to bed, saying she couldn't read a book until she had read all the news. We discussed politics and current events. It is not a coincidence that I found my way to a job as a newspaper reporter. But now I wonder if my need to know every tidbit of the presidential election and every update on the horrible news of the world is bad for my mental health. I know for sure it is cutting into the time I would like to be reading books. ...more

The Irresistible Urge to Be a Badass

I get Ben Carson's deal. He wants to be a badass in the worst way....more
It really looks absurd when these politicians lie. Now Carson had to admit that he was never ...more


So, the race is over and the Presidential office has been occupied again by President Obama.  I have sat in silence as facebook friends have complained, threatened, and been rude over their choice for president.  I voted Obama but never once talked bad to anyone that was for Romney.  It's our right and choice who we vote for.  I would love to see people give it a rest now and let our president try and get our country back to what it should be....more

You Can Watch Election Coverage With Kids

Election season can pose some tricky moments for parents of young children. Your instinct may be to shield your kids from the mudslinging of the campaign and the heated debates, but in my family, we watch political coverage together as as a way of teaching our son about our values—and civic engagement....more
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A Debate Wish List for President Obama

I live in Ohio. That alone should induce pity, given that we're exactly 36 days from the November 6 general election (early voting started today as well).  You may think you know what it's like to be subjected to literally tens of thousands of political ads a week but, I'm just saying? I highly doubt it. I don't even watch broadcast television, but they get me when I turn on cable. And when I am avoiding cable, they get me in the banner ads - on every kind of website you can imagine, there they are. Then, there's the mailbox, and my email inbox, and the yard signs.My ace in the hole for putting up with this stuff is the fact that I've run for office before and was very well-prepared. Although I didn't have to debate anyone for a seat on my city council for a community of 6,000, I did have to learn how to speak extemporaneously and still sound authentic. On the third hand, I also knew in my head that I had messages to get across and points to make. So when I watch a debate, you can bet that I'm watching to see how the candidates walk these lines too. ...more
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It Has Been Twenty-Four Years, But I Am Voting This November 2012!

It has been 24 years since I took the plunge and went to cast my vote for a President. But, for better or for worse, I have decided that this year, 2012, I am voting and putting my trust in one of our running nominees. Though I am only one in the millions voting, I must believe that my one vote will make a difference!...more
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ABC's Jake Tapper Tells the Truth about Media Bias -- a blockbuster interview couched in polite language

Add Jake Tapper, one of our more reliable reporters, to the list of people who have left the reservation – at least for the moment....more
Hope things change, but when the media focus more on Clint Eastwood talking to the chair than ...more

Time Magazine's Latino Voter Cover Features Non-Latino Face

This week's Time magazine cover boldly declares "Yo Decido. Why Latinos will pick the next President." The accompanying story by Michael Scherer explores how the rising force that is the Latino vote can turn Arizona into a presidential battleground in 2012. The cover illustration is made of 20 different portraits of Latino men and women in Phoenix, all photographed by Marco Grob. In classic Time form, it's clean and powerful....more
I'm mistaken for Latino every day and I'm not.  My gut reaction to Time Mag mix up - so what?   ...more