To Our Grandparents Obama, the Next President

Sadly Senator Barack Obama's grandmother died one day before his name was announced as the next ...more

Election 2008: The Final Daze

No matter who you're supporting in this presidential election-John McCain, Republican; Barack Obama, Democrat; Bob Barr, Libertarian; Cynthia McKiney, Green; or Ralph Nader, Nader Forever-there is one thing we can all agree on, one more day and it will all be over. Lately I've been feeling much like the Grinch, who If you remember, grew so impatient with all the noise down in Whoville that he wanted to stop Christma s from coming. ...more

Journalistic Integrity in the 2008 Presidential Campaign

For anyone interested in journalistic integrity, this Democratic journalist offers a thought provoking column:   Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights? By Orson Scott Card ...more

Where was this guy in 2003?

Oh yeah, he was banging the drums for war.   Powell endorses Obama as 'transformational', by Mike Allen and Jonathan Martin, Politico via Yahoo! News and Meet the Press. ...more

However, I don't think the question should have been given the validity that comes from asking ...more

the new john mccain

last night's debate needed to happen. ...more

We cannot create Peace, it already exists

How do we create peace in our lives?  How do we create a peaceful world?  We don't, because it already is.  ...more

you shouldn't be able to push the button if you can't say the word

nucular. nuc-ular. nucuuuuuular. NUCULAR is not a word. nuc-lear is a word. allow me to spell it phonetically: noo-klee-er. from the french word nucléaire, which means unpronounceable on television by substandard vice presidential candidates. of all the things that bothered me about last night’s debate (and believe me there were a few), this mispronunciation takes the cake, and here’s why: ...more

Awaiting November's Promises

I exist crippled in a state of fear, awaiting the outcome of the November election. Our nation is sitting on a weakened foundation where its people are hurt and broken. In a time when we need to come together to heal and strengthen, we seem to have divided. ...more

heartseverywhere wrote:

"Our country needs a President that is brilliant, logical, ...more

Next debate, please.