Journalistic Integrity in the 2008 Presidential Campaign

For anyone interested in journalistic integrity, this Democratic journalist offers a thought provoking column:   Would the Last Honest Reporter Please Turn On the Lights? By Orson Scott Card ...more

Where was this guy in 2003?

Oh yeah, he was banging the drums for war.   Powell endorses Obama as 'transformational', by Mike Allen and Jonathan Martin, Politico via Yahoo! News and Meet the Press. ...more

However, I don't think the question should have been given the validity that comes from asking ...more

the new john mccain

last night's debate needed to happen. ...more

We cannot create Peace, it already exists

How do we create peace in our lives?  How do we create a peaceful world?  We don't, because it already is.  ...more

you shouldn't be able to push the button if you can't say the word

nucular. nuc-ular. nucuuuuuular. NUCULAR is not a word. nuc-lear is a word. allow me to spell it phonetically: noo-klee-er. from the french word nucléaire, which means unpronounceable on television by substandard vice presidential candidates. of all the things that bothered me about last night’s debate (and believe me there were a few), this mispronunciation takes the cake, and here’s why: ...more

Awaiting November's Promises

I exist crippled in a state of fear, awaiting the outcome of the November election. Our nation is sitting on a weakened foundation where its people are hurt and broken. In a time when we need to come together to heal and strengthen, we seem to have divided. ...more

heartseverywhere wrote:

"Our country needs a President that is brilliant, logical, ...more

Next debate, please.


Everyday Perspectives on Group Health Insurance

Do you have a unique, "every day joe/jane" perspective on health insurance coverage? Stop on by Health Care Insiders today and read one man's discussion about his lack of group coverage for his family and what that means to him, and what he thinks the presidential candidates are doing about it. Add your personal stories, as well! --------------- Becky Ramsey Health Care Insiders ...more

It's the Economy Stupid!

I am as angry and uneasy as anyone over the nomination of Sarah Palin but I think it's time to stop now. This morning I heard Paul Begala say on MSNBC that every day McCain isn't talking about the economy, he wins. That he can't win ON the economy so if he keeps distracting the voters and the press he will be better off - a premise supported by the current poll numbers. Begala also kept comparing Palin to the "shiny object in the water" on a fishing line that makes a fish take the bait. I think he's right. ...more

Why is the World Watching our Presidential Election and What are They Thinking as they Do

Democrats in this country are worried, very worried.  We are dumbfounded by the current polls, by the gullibility of much of the public and by the very high probability that we are in for four more years of dangerous and destructive Republican policies.  And we should be.  This country is in serious condition and with McCain in office we'll likely need to be put on life support.  But we Democrats are not the only ones who are worried. ...more