Hold Fast to That Faith: A Farewell to President Barack Obama

I’ve been fighting an internal struggle over writing this article. It’s difficult to express the impact Barack Obama has had on my life.  It’s been a massive one, and I expect that anything I uncover in writing this will be only the tip of the iceberg.  I am certain that in years to come I will continue to find new ways his presidency and his leadership have changed me. But he is leaving office on Friday, and it seems to me that he is due my effort to express it before then. So this is my attempt. ...more

Millennials Abandoning Obama: Fickle Youth or Something Deeper?

In his latest column, Washington Post’s Dana Milbank lamented that the youth vote, 15 million strong, who swept Obama into office have “abandoned him in his hour of need.”  With ‘his presidency on the line,’ Millennials seem to be turning their collective backs on the President’s health care plan:...more
@linemanpaul AnitaFinlay I don't know that we can generalize.  I've been speaking with ...more