Which President Would Your Cat Be?

Presidential Cats: Who would your cat be?Today is President’s Day, and Paws wonders if my cats could be President of the United States, who would they be?Linus, no doubt, would be President Clinton. He’s a cat about town, super friendly, and can wind you around his heart. He’s handsome and entertaining. Sound like President Clinton. He’s got my vote.Lenny, he’s young, full of vim and vinegar. And did I say he’s handsome. He’d woo all the gals from here to Kalamazoo. He’s energetic and he’s just it all. Sound like President John F. Kennedy. He’s got my vote....more

Commander In Eating

Celebrating Our 1st President: Cherry Chocolate Cookies

Snowbound and Bored Since we're celebrating George Washington's birthday and we're pretty much snowed in I thought it would be fun to make cookies with the Darlings this afternoon....more

Lincoln "Log Cabin" Sandwiches

What do you do to celebrate Lincoln's Birthday or President's Day? Hit the sales? Ignore it? I have always wanted to do something a bit more special. In fact, this is what I have wanted to do: Celebrate with Lincoln Log Cabin Sandwiches. ...more

President's Day - Conversations with Charlie

All week long Charlie's Kindergarten class has been learning about President's Day and the various presidents of the United States. The kid has been cracking me up all week with each little tidbit of American history he has learned. Truthfully it is more the Charlie version of what he's learned that is hysterically funny, at least to me. I'm quite sure his teacher has been more than accurate in her lessons....more

That is funny. Isn't it interesting the difference between what kids are taught and what they ...more