Reporter Helen Thomas Paved the Way

She was a fixture. She sat in the center seat of the front row. She usually asked the first question and then closed the press conference with the simple phrase, “Thank you, Mr. President.”...more

Hilary Swank with and Hilary Swank ...more

Breast Cancer and Barack Obama

I woke Friday morning having had some of the  best sleep I’ve had in ages. I don’t sleep particularly well so I appreciate it more than most.  I half expected to find halls blocked off but I went down and grabbed some food at the lovely breakfast buffet that Network of Strength put on.  I love a buffet where you can get fresh fruit, yogurt and BACON. I took a seat at a random table and started eating my breakfast when In noticed a stack of papers just to  my left. There was no one else at the table at this point so I took and what was it but the directions ...more