White matter quality linked to ability to add and multiply (but not subtract and divide)

A new study of healthy 12-year-olds found that those who are good at addition and multiplication have "higher-quality white matter tracts" in their brain. What's odd is that this link doesn't apply to subtraction and division.Why wouldn't it apply to all four tasks?...more

Another Milestone - 7th Grade

Another Milestone - 7th Grade Some may try and tell us that this is the end of an era.  But what they overlook is that in America, every day is a new beginning, and every sunset is merely the latest milestone on a voyage that never ends.  For this is the land that has never become, but is always in the act of becoming.  Emerson was right:  America is the land of tomorrow.  ~Ronald Reagan...more

Why I Canceled A Magazine Subscription for My Preteen Daughter

I canceled a subscription today for a magazine which was sent to my 12-year old daughter, because I felt the content was way too inappropriate for someone her age.  Did I overreact? I don't think so....more
@Darcie I will have to check out Rookie Magazine.  Thank you for your smart reply!more

barely good enough.

Supertween. Good God, I love my girl. I usually love these tween years. I love how she has one foot in little girl-ness and one foot in growing up. She plays with Littlest Pet Shop animals but she also wants skinny jeans. She likes Spongebob but also wants to be Angelina Jolie kicking arse and taking names....more


If I Wanted Quiet, I Would've Raised Goldfish.....

So, here I am...starting another blog. I never finish anything....   I am the stay at home mom of four, soon to be five, beautiful kids. I have a 10 year old, going on 24, (she thinks), an 8 year old, (the only boy so far), an almost 4 year old (that just started preschool) a toddler, who is almost 2, and a soon to be 11 year old that we are adopting in the near future, and has not yet gotten here.  ...more