Troian Bellisario's "Exiles": When Love Just Isn't Enough

We’re all familiar with Shakespeare’s iconic star-crossed romance, “Romeo and Juliet”. I read the epic tragedy in high school and empathized with the couple’s desperation and blind infatuation, masquerading as love. It couldn’t have ended any other way – the reckless abandon in which these two teens threw themselves into their relationship, despite their families, despite everything, spelled disaster from the word “go”. But you’re left hoping maybe they could work it out. Maybe it didn’t have to end with death and suicide....more

Music Monday: The Pierces

So I'm trying to expand the horizons of this blog a little bit and include more of the creative, beautiful things that are out there in the universe. I love music and I'm a huge fan of The Pierces so I figured what better way to start a weekly "Music Monday" post than with a Pierces song. The song's called It Will Not Be Forgotten and is off their latest album You & I. Not only is the song beautiful, but the video is amazing....more

Pretty Little Liars is a pretty good teen drama

Although Pretty Little Liars series had started only recently, it has been pretty successful in acquiring great heights. The series is quite breezy and instantly enjoyable. The Pretty Little Liars episodes are so amazing that in five years it has become one of the biggest hits with approximately one million viewers watching it every week. ...more

Lean to the left. Lean to the right. Stand up sit down fight fight fight!

Wow. Okay, this week has been CCCCrrrrraaaazzyy good. I decided to stop letting my life run me and start putting things in the order they belong. You know how it gets sometimes.  No matter how wise you are, how experienced, how well versed you are on keeping everything in balance, sometimes, you just get a little…..slanted.  A bit leaning to the left or the right. Or twisted and out of shape where you feel like you have to fight for everything....more