Baked Pretzel Beer Dip

It’s Super Bowl time and that means it’s time to start thinking about your party menu for the big game! I know all of the men in my family are; that’s all they talk about actually –football, food, football, food. I mean, I love to see their passion – they always plan a big cottage getaway with all the boys (and no I’m not jealous!), but it does get me thinking about what to bake for the big day.  ...more
So very good. - Karenmore

You got pretzel on my bagel! You got bagel on my pretzel!

It’s a pretzel-bagel/bagel-pretzel. Either way it’s yum-tastic....more

Soft Pretzels

Soft Pretzels 蝴蝶餅麵包Breads, CATEGORIES | 12th August 2015 | By Mrs P's Kitchen...more

The Best Pretzels in Chicago

"Productivity is important but how can I be productive if I have this one little thing in my brain? That I cannot get out. And that one little thing is a soft pretzel. So I'm just going to have my soft pretzel, then I'll get to work, and I'll be super productive. Look out for me."-Michael Scott, The Office...more

Whole Wheat Pretzels

I am always looking for new, fun snacks for my kids.  It keeps it fun for them.  But I always want them to healthful, whole grain snacks, too.  I've seen a lot of pretzel recipes on Pinterest and similar sites.  Most of them are fairly standard recipes.  I wanted to find a way to make them healthier and higher in protein and fiber.  So, meet my version for Whole Wheat Pretzels below!  They turned out great and my kids devoured them....more

Soft Pretzels With Roasted Jalapeno Cheese Sauce

Tell me that you're as an obsessive party planner as I am. Tell me that you hem and haw, and go back and forth a minimum of six times about which desserts you want on your menu. Tell me that I'm not the only one, because I sure feel like it sometimes! I keep a working menu for each party or dinner we plan in Evernote, so that wherever I am, I have access to the most up-to-date file. And that file gets worked over. ...more
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I Got It Twisted.

Sesame and Cheese Pretzels

Mouth watering cheese pretzels, once you start eating you can hardly stop. Goes well for holiday tables served as appetizer.

Put That Bread Machine to Work

Did you or someone in your family get a bread machine for Christmas? Bread machines can be a great tool for whipping up fresh, homemade bread and beyond in your kitchen this winter. Here are some ideas for ways to put that new tool to work. ...more
If I'm in a hurry I'll let my bread machine do all the work (which just so happens to be the ...more