May is Stroke Awareness Month

     May is pretty simply one of those busy busy months.  We have Mother's Day kicking if off and then Memorial Day ending it..  Ooooo never noticed how May is book-ended with M holidays (remember I'm easily entertained).  Once you have school aged kids the outside obligations seem to pile on... recitals, play-offs, award ceremonies, end of year parties, dances... it truly can get incredibly over whelming at times.  Well I am here to add one more thing to the mix: ...more

I Didn't Recognize the Signs of Stroke

I arrived in the restaurant parking lot around 1.10 pm.  I saw her car, and her silhouette.  I wasn’t sure why she was waiting in the heat, so I walked over to the car and called her name.  No answer.  I called her name more loudly (and impatiently, because good lord, let’s eat already).  No response.  I walked up to the driver’s side door and noticed the window was down; she was sitting in the car, sort of leaning back and forth in the seat.  I told her I was there, and as soon as she made eye contact I knew something was wrong.  ...more
I guess I should mention, my signs 'were' numbness and weakness on one side, but I couldn't tell ...more