High Food Prices: An Investor’s Dilemma

Otmane El Rhazi from Forbes – Commodities & Currencies.The EPA might cut the Renewable Fuel Standard’s (RFS) ethanol mandate in late June. The mandate is the root cause behind a surge in food prices and the feverish merger activity in the food industry. A change in the policy could alter the landscape for investors in ethanol producers and food producers....more

The Price Tag for "Joy!"

Yun’s Toastmaster leader emailed her saying: “The theme of this week is car wheels  and the turning world”.   Yun is scheduled to give a speech, so she wonders what topic to give a speech on.  A turning world seems fitting, objectively an subjectively.  Yun’s mind starts on a crazy monologue…....more

The Miracle of Pricey Eats

I pay about $8/gallon for milk. I pay around $15 for a roasting chicken. I buy NY strip steaks that cost $16 each.  I can see you getting all bug-eyed as you read this.  There was a woman who used to stop by when Steve, my Hinsdale hook-up for farm-fresh meat, sold meat from my driveway in the off-season.  She came by on occasion just to look.  Her husband "wouldn't let" her buy such expensive meat.  "A pig is a pig is a pig," he insisted.I know that I pay a helluva lot more for the dairy, meat and produce we eat than other families with similar family incomes. No matter.  My food budget is probably the same my neighbor’s.How can that be?...more

Not all of our ingredients are quality ingredients. Some are. Are we more conscious of how we ...more

Movie theatre rant

I recently went to the movies and I was surprised that the movie ticket price has gone up by 75 cents! Tickets now cost $11.25 instead of $10.50 six months ago and $10.00 months before!The economy is in the toilet and people go to the movies to see a film and some to escape their non-AC built homes or apartments and they charge that much, please! ...more

That Treasured First Time - For Sale

Can you really put a price on virginity? -Megan Southwick, BettyConfidential.com ...more

And I'm not terribly sentimental. But I don't see why people are getting excited about this ...more