How to Price Art

Over the years, I've figured out how to sell art, how to make art on commission, and even how to discount art without cheapening it. I know a thing or two about how art and money interact. It can be tricky, but there are really just four factors to take into account when you price your artwork to be successful....more

What Is a Fair Price for an E-Book?

There is much debate on what is a good price for ebooks. Many people think they are getting ripped off if they pay more than $1.99 for an ebook and really prefer to pay $0.99 or less.  The argument is generally, “It takes no money to produce an ebook so I should get it cheap, or free.”...more
BELIEN_LOEFFLER I can't wholly agree with the DRM Free aspect.  That sounds good and fair in ...more

Showing Value: Sale versus Clearance

I'll be the first to admit it my to-be-read pile grows at an alarming rate when I see 99 cent eBook prices. My heart skips a beat, but my brain pauses. Wait, why is it 99 cents?I love red tags and clearance. My kids constantly moan when I say I'm not buying something because it's full price. I'll wait for an item to go on sale and will rarely buy something at regular price. Sometimes the waiting makes me appreciate it more....more

Blog Roundup - How to Price Your Services

When you first strike out on your own, you're eager for your first client. I know I certainly was. Then inevitably the question hits - what should I charge for my services? When starting out, the tendency is to want to low-ball your prices because you might feel: ...more
Thanks for reading -- yes this is a prime example where we might think - oh but is $200 ...more

5 mistakes to avoid when pricing your services

[Editor's note: Fall season is here, which means many of us crafties will be making items or teaching workshops for seasonal events. Before you write up those price stickers, read over this informative article on the topic! - Kathy]Whether you’re just starting up your business or you’re launching a program, one of the greatest challenges that you may be struggling with is deciding what to charge. If you are – don’t worry. Many service-based businesses struggle with this, even I did when I first started out in business – some 15 years ago!...more
Great topic and post. My strategy is to always price yourself above or below your competition ...more

Why Asking for Money Is So Hard

Kathy CaprinoI’ve been watching my clients - and myself - this past year around the experience of charging fees, asking for payment, suggesting folks re-enroll in their programs, etc., and here’s what I’ve found… Very few people like asking for money, and no one finds it easy – we universally hate it. Why? ...more

The Challenges of Creating Good Proposals

One thing neither academia nor Corporate America taught me how to do was create an effective proposal. When you own your own business, however, proposals, pricing, and packaging are a critical part of your work. If you don't do them well you stand to lose business, set yourself up for poor working relationships with clients, or even price yourself right out of business. ...more

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 Kathy - you might consider putting in your scope of ...more