The Danger of Pride and Accusation In Christian Service

Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment. – Romans 12:3...more

My Man

So this finally will be my first blog. Its been long I opened an account but there wasn't anything so appealing that made my feelings pour out. Today I'm urged by my emotions to note them down. And as I cannot jot them on a paper and make public, BlogHer has ultimately become my rescuer.  The reason is my husband--My crazy love, my madness, my proud possession, my obsession. Today was a very special day for him. First of all to introduce him, he is a gorgeous husband, over possessive lover(which I love the most about him), a good father n now A Well Respected Officer!!...more

On Pride

There are a lot of things I have to proud of. Degrees, kids, marriage, friends. I do those things well.But much of the time, I'm proud to get out of my bed in the morning and not get back into it until bedtime.I'm proud to take a shower and wash my face and brush my teeth and do my hair.Things are rough right now. The change in seasons, the decreased sunlight, the holidays approaching, my lack of exercise, my perpetual state of's getting to me.  It's pushing me down. Sometimes it feels like it's pulling me down too....more

False Humility is Sneaky

When I was a young Christian, I thought that humility and sanctity meant ascetic fasting  and  heroic acts of  faith just like all the great saints. I discovered later that these sorts of practices often focus more on self than on God. This attitude is actually a subtle sort of self-delusion that is difficult to discern. Self generated, pious actions  actually drive me further from God....more


 I shared this on the internet several days ago and have received eight emails from straight individuals who feel offended, slighted, and frankly that was never in my mind when I posted that....more

Where Do You Stand?

It is Holy Week.  Last night, churches around the entire globe  waited in  prayerful vigil, with lights dimmed, all images covered with the congregation in respectful, sombre silence.  The Church  remembered the end of Jesus’s public life as a teacher and healer and today starts walking with Him as He begins His most important work, the work of salvation in His passion, death and resurrection....more

Give or Take

Love thinks of others.Pride thinks of self.  (read more)...more

Pride Is An Opportunist

Name Change

Name Change? For years I dreamed of being able to change my first name to something unusual. In my extended family there were, at one time, five Elizabeth’s to contend with. My grandmother still just yells Elizabeth first and then moves on to the rest of the names. There were not, and still aren’t, any Gwendolyns, Aprils (Big fan of TMNT!), or Briannas. As I grew, the ratio did not improve. There is almost always another Elizabeth in each class, at every job, and looking better than me at any party. So yes, I have thought long and hard about this over the years....more

Queen of the Universe? Time to Quit Your Job!

Exhausted? Feeling stretched, even overwhelmed? Does it seem that everyone looks to you to get things done? When we refuse to let go of control, we are like a queen at the centre of our universe where everything and everybody depends on us. Trust me, it is more about our attitude than the real activities we perform. I am the mother of nine, so I was extremely busy until a couple of years ago, but when my attitude changed, a big burden lifted off my shoulders, even though my body was just as busy....more