Pennsylvania was clearly going to be either the semi-finals or the finals in this game. Looks like the semi-finals are headed into overtime. And that's a good thing. In the pre-internet old days of backroom politics, the party powerful would long ago have taken these two candidates into the proverbial smoke-filled room and knocked heads together until they struck some kind of  deal that resolved which one would be the party’s nominee.  ...more

Incarceration Nation

The United States jails about 1 out of every 100 of its citizens -- more than 2 million people, according to a report released late last month by the Pew Center on the States. Not only that, but the rate of incarceration has increased in recent years, further straining state budgets that are already tight. And what are we getting for all of that money? According to Pew, not very much. Perhaps it's time to listen to activists who have been saying for years that there has to be a better way. ...more

I wholeheartedly believe that if we mixed in more opportunities for our (minority) students ...more

Is Colbert being "Bumped" by the "SNL Effect?" And should news directors take their cues from comedy shows?

Are Saturday Night Live and other comedy shows shaping news coverage of this year's presidential campaign? The host of CNN's Reliable Sources, Howard Kurtz raised this distinct possibility this morning. Here's a snippet from CNN's rush transcript: ...more

It disappoints me to say it, but he's right on the money. Ferraro's comments were ridiculous ...more

A Short Break from the Political Noise

Tuesday--Today could be the most important day so far in the race for the White House. If you live in Ohio, Texas, Vermont, or Rhode Island, celebrate your constitutional privilege and vote. With turnout in this Tuesday’s primary expected to set records and the barrage of polling stats in the news, I need a break from the political and media noise. Today instead of commenting on the latest news buzz, I thought I’d defer to a sweeter noise--a singer and her songs. ...more

Super Online Videos For Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday has finally arrived.  It's the day 22 states have presidential primaries and the votes cast will go a long way toward determining the eventual nominee of each party.  In honor of Super Tuesday I've put together a list online video clips you just might want to take a peek at.  Either to help you make your decision or to help you justify to your friends and family why you've decided the way you have. Some are serious, some are wacky and some are just mindless entertainment. And in the spirit of how the media and the politicians love to lump all voters into pre-programmed voting blocks I've decided to do the same. ...more

Hi Babz,

Thanks so much for the feedback. The ET videos come next week! ...more

Republican and Democratic Debate Reactions

I was in elementary school when Ronald Reagan was in office. As a fourth-grader, I cringed when President Reagan appeared on television, interrupting all the regularly scheduled programs to talk about the economy of the United States. It wasn't until ten years later that I truly understood what the term "Reagan conservative" meant. Now, as a 29-year-old wife and mother, politics is constantly on my mind. Never before have I been more interested in the government, the upcoming election or the debates, primaries and caucuses that have captured my attention for the last several months. ...more

I caught the part of the exchange over whether Romney called for a timetable for withdrawal. He ...more

Clinton Finds Voice, Wins Half of Young Voters

UPDATE: This morning after the dust cleared, CIRCLE (pdf) had revised numbers that puts the vote count at 84,232 voters under 30. I've said it before but I'll say it again - the real winner tonight was young voters. Unlike the post I did a few days ago, we saw a whole different Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire tonight. ...more

IA Youth Wrap-up and Hillary's Youth Troubles

Kristina reported right after the caucus, greeting us with the most exciting numbers - over 65,000 people under 30 caucused. It was with a tearful eye that I have read, in vindication, the hourly google news alerts that include the words "young voters" that are brought to my inbox. Sunday's San Francisco Chronical chimed in with enthusiasm ...more