Make it Stay Hair Primer and Style Extender Review

Do you spend tons of time either curling or straightening your hair in the morning, only to have it revert back to it's natural state before the day is even half over?  So frustrating!  I have straight hair, but I love to add in some beachy waves now and then.  Unfortunately, it tends to fall flat by lunchtime, and all that work goes down the drain....more

Reviva Labs Makeup Primer review

This is the first time I've reviewed something like this on the blog! Reviva Labs Makeup Primer has become a staple in my beauty routine now. I have been testing it for weeks to make sure I can give an accurate review. My consensus? I LOVE IT....more

Homemade Eye Shadow Primer ! By Robin McDonald

    video on ...more

L'Oreal Magic Lumi Primer Review

I am so excited to be bringing you my review of the new L'Oreal Magic Lumi primer and highlighter that just started showing up in stores this week!  These products are part of the Studio Secrets line, which I am in love with.  I use the Magic Perfecting Base and Magic Souffle foundation every day, and they are fantastic, so I didn't hesitate to purchase the Magic Lumi products.  There was also a Magic Souffle blush with the line, but since I am a girl on a budget, I didn't want to go crazy just yet.I'll start with the Magic Lumi Primer:...more
This is great - love the budget beauty blog!more can paint paneling

To paint paneling:...more

5 Tips for Glowing Holiday Skin

Thanksgiving is just around the corner heralding the onslaught of...more

Until I was in school for skin care therapy, I thought I was crazy in thinking I had 2 skin ...more

The ABCs of Loss

When people we love die, we move on with life, because we have to. The closer they were to us, the longer it takes. But eventually, life's dailiness takes over: we set the alarm each day, pour cereal, prune shrubs, feed the cat....more

Monistat® Soothing Care™ Chafing Relief Powder-Gel – like buttah

Earlier this year, I attended a gathering for Mom-bloggers called Camp Baby, put on by the fine folks at Johnson and Johnson. Our final morning, we were treated to a sample-a-thon from many of the brands that we’d learned about during the presentations the previous day. Armed with an envirosac and the promise that J&J would pay to ship home any goodies, I hit the tables with a vengeance. ...more

I just came across your blog and I laughed out loud until my eyes teared up! I then read some ...more