Last night I had a sort of epiphany. I spent all day yesterday in bad mood at work and at home because of a broken glass first thing in the morning. Of course no one likes a broken martini glass, but it wasn't the end of the world. Sure my boss could've cleaned up the mess before I came in, or given a little warning. I need to learn to take things in stride. ...more

The Princess and the Pee Pee


The Princess Problem

     Recently I stumbled upon a few articles/posts claiming that obsession of the american girl-child with princesses is bad.  Like ruin-them-for-life bad.   This has chapped my ass a bit.  For some reason, some folks have gotten it into their heads that if your child likes pink, frilly, sparkly, princess crap then she will be weak and never reach her full potential as a thinking feeling human being...  on which I call bullsh*t.  This is why.......more

What Happens When Mommy's the Princess

Since I failed to be pained by a pea beneath my mattress, it's clear that I'm no Princess. However, I'm pretty sure I was a Princess in my last life since certain sensitivities and snobberies persist despite my current modest place in society....more
@Tattie Weasle You could have been a Princess too! Who says there weren't potty-mouthed ...more

Letter to Princess on 9/13/01

Princess was not quite 18 months old. Hubby had to go to a conference in Baltimore so I asked my parents to come stay with me for that week. After 18 months I was still not quite confident enough to be a mom alone for a whole week. I'm so glad that they were here. On Thursday of that week ten years ago, I started a letter to Princess.  I wanted to write it down for her while I was still experiencing it - before I had blocked anything out or chosen not to remember.  I read it to myself every year around this time.  And I still remember everything....more
Beautiful (and terrible) imagery: "those two proud giants so wounded". This is why we write. I ...more

Princess Proofing :: Avoid the Pink Aisle

Welcome to Princess Proofing 101 ~ there is no prerequisite for this course, and it is open to all parents of girls and boys.  If you are nursing blisters from mincing around in too small glass slippers to please your royal tyrant, this course is for you.  If you are still wearing those teeny glass shoes because they make your ankles look thin, carry on. Because it is all about the choice....more

The Problem with Princesses

Disney has done us no favors, folks.  This morning I roused my sleepy 5 year-old out of bed and carried her into the living room to watch the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.  I thought she would be delighted to see a common girl become a princess in real life before her very eyes. I was wrong.  She watched in awe at first, but before I knew it, she was on the ground kicking and crying.  It was a fit of tumultuous jealousy and pure rage....more

It's not as if she is going to actually live a perfect life.. it's a job 24x7, and even if it's ...more

Do Fairy Tales Come True?