I've always been a fan of Audrey Hepburn. I love her exotic accent, her petite frame, her dark hair and the elegant way she carried herself. As a young girl in an abusive white trash home, she was as opposite as anything I could imagine. I remember discovering that we were the same height, 5'7", but that she was a scant 110 pounds. My freshman year of high school, I starved myself into 109. I was thrilled. Several years later, I read her biography. She still fascinates me, but still in a very aloof kind of way....more

Guilt about the Royal Wedding and Motherhood

(If you would like to see the photos that go with this post, click on my blog "A Rolling Crone" or on Eleni's-- "The Liminal Stage.") Daughter Eleni, who studied Folk Lore and Mythology at Harvard, recently launched her blog “The Liminal Stage”. (As she explains: “Liminal stages are psychological thresholds, times of transition when we stand ‘betwixt and between’ one state and another. The biggies are birth, marriage, death.”) ...more

Living in the UK: An American Catches Royal Wedding Fever

I blame Shakespeare and PBS. I'm unashamedly, unapologetically and unabashedly Royalist. Honestly, I think most Americans are. For all our independence, rebellion and egalitarian principles, in our hearts, we all love pomp, circumstance, ceremony, history, heritage and glamour. We’re suckers for romance and fairy tale endings. And, who doesn’t love a wedding?...more

My Hero, Princess Diana: The Importance of Role Models

Identifying Role Models I don't know how often kids look to role models these days....more

Wills & Kate: I Just Can't Hate

WAIT. No. I swore I would not get wrapped up in the Royal Wedding. People get married every day and it's no big, right? The only thing special about this couple is that she could take bird poop and limp spaghetti and wear it as a charming hat (and more importantly, make it look amazing). And oh yeah, there's that whole heir-to-the-British-throne thing. Plus the jewels. Oh, the jewels! I wonder what tiara she'll wear on her wedding day. Oooh, People is running a list of possibilities and I think #3 would be fantastic because it's so dainty... ...more

Frankly, it's such a relief to see some sweet loving Royals instead of the skanky adulterous "I ...more