Disney Princesses as Mothers: After Happily Ever After

Confession time: I love Disney princesses.Even as a tomboy, I grew up recognizing that those royal ladies had it going on. Pet tigers, libraries full of amazing books, and a treasure collection! A posse of seven guys that never once betrayed the Friend Zone? That’s what’s up. The princesses were a feisty, talented bunch who managed to look fabulous in every outfit they wore. Frumpy blue dress with an apron? Fabulous. Yellow ball gown with a weird hair-nest on top of her head? Fab-u-lous....more
So true, they do get more interesting after the happily ever after!  I want to make sure I teach ...more

Why Cinderella Is Not Invited to My Daughter's Birthday Party

My daughter is not a feminist. She is an almost-three-year-old tornado whose favorite color is blue, but who enjoys dressing in pink and purple tulle and dancing around, proclaiming, "I'm a PRINcess!" To which I respond, invariably: "You are always a princess, because you're smart, and beautiful, and kind." (Or some drek-y thing along those lines.) Because, really, what else can you say that is uncomplicated enough for a well-indoctrinated three-year-old girl to understand? ...more
sandracreasonThanks so much for your thoughtful comment, Sandra!  I love your point about ...more

Beautiful Dreamer: Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”

Disney’s Sixteenth Animated Feature — 1959...more

Didn't your Daddy tell you that you were a princess?

   Our children are more media savvy and globally connected than ever before, I am a fan of techonology and encourage it's use in our home.  This increased connection also means that I have to talk about body image with my 10 year old in order to avoid common disorders that are so prevalent in our society. ...more

Kiss The Frog

On our cruise last December, as her one souvenir, we let our daughter make a Pet At Sea.  It’s kind of like Build-A-Bear, only cheaper and cheaper, the stuffing is already sticking to the carpet and there’s a cloud forest under our couch.   There were monkeys, turtles, dogs, bunny rabbits…you name it and they probably had it.  What did Babyface choose?  A dinosaur.  What did she dress the dinosaur in?  A pink, princess tutu and a pointy hat with a tassel.  Yes, we have a deflated, princess dinosaur in our house and her name is Algae (she came up with that one, all on her own). ...more

Boobs and Miss Representation

I was watching “Once Upon A Time” on ABC with my daughters the other day.  I figured it might be okay for the 3 of us to enjoy together, as it is roughly based on fairy tales.  (Honestly, in hindsight, I probably should have known better, but I digress.) In my defense, the show was pimped in mini blurbs and commercials on Disney Channel – so figured it would be okay for roughly the same audience.  Knowing that it was network tv, during primetime, I expected a couple of words I wasn’t a fan of, but I wasn’t expecting to be hit over the head with this one thing....more

Lions Eat Zebras, Unless The Zebras Can Guess Their Names. Or Something Like That. Jerks.

There is no Disney version of Rumpelstiltskin.   Probably it’s because most of the characters are jerks, and the plot is driven mainly by the quandary of who can out-jerk the other jerks. It’s also one of my preschooler’s favorite stories as of late. ...more

The Problem with Jack Sparrow: On Pirates, Princesses & Kids' Play

Let's take pirates, for example. Pirates are awesome, right? We love it when little boys - and especially little girls - want to dress up as pirates and engage in play swashbuckling. They're like teeny Jack Sparrows! How adorable! But when we celebrate pirate play - over, say, princess play - what is it, exactly, that we're celebrating? ...more

The whole problem with encouraging little princesses and little pirates is that some children ...more

Fairytale Princess

My daughter loves princesses. Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Ariel, Jasmine; she knows them all. We’ve read their stories over and over again, cried when Cinderella is made to clean the kitchen yet again (what a fate!), and sighed with pleasure when Belle’s Beast reveals that he really is as beautiful on the outside as he turns out to be on the inside....more

When Superman Wants A Fairy Wand

Our son is sweet and funny and charming. He is currently obsessed with dressing like his soccer coach, builds jails for his dinosaurs and is often, as I once saw a boy described, "noise with some dirt on it". I don't quite know where this boy came from because as recently as 3 months ago he threw a tantrum over the fact that he did not receive "Fancy Nancy" dress up clothes like his twin sister did at birthday time. Poor boy....more

This parenting gig presents us with challenges we never thought we'd face and shows us things ...more