What Would Happen if Your Favourite Blog (or Website) Died?

But in all seriousness, blogs and websites -- like humans -- do tend to have a lifespan. Some die young, some live to the ripe old age of seven (that's like 70 in people years), and a freaky few keep going long after their contemporaries have died out. ...more
I've asked myself the question "should I stay or should I go" so many times. And yes, I suppose ...more

Meningitis Outbreaks in Santa Barbara & Princeton

Meningitis Outbreaks at Santa Barbara & Princeton...more

Why I'm Choosing to Ignore the Actions of Meg Whitman's Sons (Mostly)

While some mistakes children make may be a direct response to something their parents did, most of the time, once they are adults, it has nothing to do with us. Right? I’ve been wondering this question both as a mother and as a California resident who has been watching very closely the heated gubernatorial race that has entered its home stretch. Meg Whitman, former CEO of eBay and one candidate in the race, has been plagued with some extra baggage during this campaign, the heaviest coming from her own two sons, Will and Griff Harsh. ...more

More than just how a child is mothered contributes to how kids turn out. Fathered, society, ...more

Lead, Follow or Get out of the Way: Young Activists Matter Too!

I edit a series of activist blogs called Care2 Causes, and I'm learning a lot.  Environmental bloggers, animal rights advocates, gay rights, human rights and, of course, women's rights; each post raises an issue with a new perspective and new ideas.  But there's one particular blogger whose posts intrigue me, not only for their quality (most Care2 bloggers are excellent) but also because she demonstrates something very important for "midlife" activists to remember:  the world ...more

As a now middle-aged activist, I well remember my own days as a young activist in the women's ...more

Life Lessons for Graduates

It sure doesn't feel like summer around the Butterfly base as the cool temps and constant rain are clear reminders of a chilly April day. ...more