How to plan your year + FREE PRINTABLE!

Hello again! Well, on 26th me and my family had a one-day-after-Christmas lunch together. It was great having all of my people at our house. We had so much to eat and I'm full for a month now, really. Today all of them went home and I started to "worry" about the new year. I don't know if I have any plans, anything to change,...Yesterday I talked to my boy about that and we decided to go swimming once a week, starting in January, so this would be our resolution and I'm fully ready....more

St. Patrick's Day Prints {FREE}

Hi there! If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you have already seen this like a billion times, but I'm pretty darn proud of myself so I'm sharin' here too! I was featured on MD Anderson's blog Cancerwise today!  ...more