Printers and Refillable Inks

My husband frequently asks me to perform jobs for the company where he works. I have designed 4′ x 5′ outdoor advertising banners, vehicle wraps, lettering and logo recreations for various service vehicles, researched, written and printed flyers and brochures as well as re-designing two or three of their sister-companies’ websites as well as the main corporation site....more

Print poster at home

I found this free program online, the system is very simple:- One image, multiple pieces on your own printer. This small budget, high style printing tool from PosteRazor, a free downloadable program that dissect raster images into pieces that can be printed out on your home printer and then reassembles for an awesome display....more
Very, very cool.more

.WWF "Green" File Format Won't Reduce Your Printing (But E-Ink Could)

World Wildlife Fund sent a newsletter out earlier this week for Earth Day which encouraged people to reduce printing by adopting a new file format: .WWF It would seem that the "Think before you print" campaign and the increasing digitization of the workplace have not realised the elusive "paperless office" we've been hearing about since computers entered our lives....more

Organic. Is it really and what does that mean?

Organic. Natural. Made with whole ingredients. What does this all mean.  I'm quite obsessed with trying to understand all the labeling of our food and whether or not what I'm eating is truly organic and free of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides.  I believe what we are eating and the problems with the food supply is giving rise to childhood disease.  ...more

5 Tips for an Impressive Print Poster

An impressive print poster should be memorable so the consumer thinks of your ads rather than a competitor's before making a purchase. But exactly how do you add that extra touch that helps you hit the bull’s eye when targeting consumers? It's easy with the following 5 tips that will guide you on your way to highly effective advertising. Define Your Audience ...more

Latest Trends: Minimalist Designs, High Contrast Colors and Oversized Fonts in Business Catalogs

Women are trendy. Women set trends and women mostly follow the trends set. So it only makes sense that women need to know about the latest trends in printing catalogs. After all, women buy more from catalogs than men, so we are essentially designing for ourselves. For the businesswoman about to design her own catalog for the summer or fall season, here are the latest trends that you might want to incorporate in your catalog design. ...more

Holiday Photo Printer Round-up: From Portable to Pricey

Confession: I am a dedicated digital photographer without a photo printer. After blowing through countless failed printing attempts on the high-end printers in my college's photo lab, I knew that if I had a cheaper one at home I would end up eating wasted ink and paper instead of groceries. So for regular snapshot printing I stick with the Ritz Camera near me and if I need anything nicer or in black and white I head to Chrome Imaging in DC. ...more