Rearranging Your Focus and Priorities


Why I Don't Always Put My Husband Before My Kids

A few days ago a young, newly married, Facebook friend of mine posted an article entitled Why My Husband Will Always Come Before My Kids by Amber Doty. In this article, Doty discusses her policy of always prioritizing the needs of her husband over those of her children....more
Great points and so well written.more

Priorities and Misplacing Them...

I think it's time I started using this again. I feel like I've not only lost part of myself in a relationship that I'm in, but also misplaced my priorities about everything along the way. And honestly, I'm working at staying in this relationship, but I need more from my partner. A lot more. And I told him. Honestly, in all reality it isn't really "a lot" more at all. I just need to feel important....more

Sifting and Sorting

My husband says I am a sifter and sorter. I enjoy tackling big messes and taming them to manageable chaos.               Each season, I sift and sort the family clothing. Making note of who needed what for the next season, outgrown or worn items are set aside for disposal. I then have a clear mental picture of what to look for when I go shopping.I sift and sort papers ruthlessly. A few years ago I bought a scanner and set out to go digital....more

This magic moment

Able to sit on your own -were you able to do that yesterday?- you play with your toys,carefully scrutinizing each one,as though you're looking at it for the first time.Your tiny handshave learned to play your toy piano.With each note,you grin with pride and glee.You look up at me,as if to say, "Are you watching, Mama?"...more

Refresh, Refocus, and Find Love Today

Well it is that time of year again with the lovey dovey commercials, couples planning special date nights and the chocolate heart boxes are closing in on you.  Some of you may think…UUGGGHHH, it’s Valentine’s Day!  Make this year the one where you chose to be strong and change your attitude about being single.  This new outlook may bring on a fresh energy that can attract the right kind of person.Take a week or two off from dating...more

Christmas in Space

As I write this, two astronauts of the six man crew on the International Space Station are outside the safety of their spacecraft, replacing a malfunctioning pump that’s part of the station’s cooling system. This is the real thing, in real time, not a Hollywood movie. The space station is traveling 17,227 miles per hour, completing over 15 orbits around the earth daily....more

Feeling Safe

I’ve been questioning what I think is the best, most important thing to do when raising a child, to encompass the process in a single word....more

Priorities | Learning to Put Your Needs First

Do you every feel like you are being pulled in several directions at once?  Your husband, kids, friends and family all want a piece of you.  Call it women’s guilt or mommy guilt, but It can be challenging to turn down people when your plate is full.  This is an art that you should realize sooner than later for the benefit of your own sanity....more

Dating: You've Hit a Wall