Life Lessons You Can Learn From Convicts And Apply In Businesses

I've never been to prison, but one of my friends' relatives made a mistake and had to spend two years in prison. Unfortunately, he spent those years abroad, which made it even more difficult for my friend, who was unable to visit him. Couple of days ago, he was released from prison and he returned home.He wasn't changed in appearance, but he brought home some valuable life lessons, which can be used by entrepreneurs all around the world....more

Guilty As Charged

It should come as a surprise to no one that I’d like to do a little time.I’m not talking about Rikers Island or anything. A medium-security outfit is more my speed. I’d say minimum–for the simple fact that the other felons and I could watch Golden Girls in the evening–but I’m not overly interested in special treatment....more

Insane Until Proven Sane: Realities of Prison Psych Wards

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Are You A (Wo)man of Your Word?

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Dear J: It's Your Turn

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Ghetto Tattoo

Yesterday on my way home from school I drove past a surprising sight. A rather fair man was standing on the steps in front of his house talking on the phone. He was shirtless and across his glowing-in-the-sun lower abdomen was a large tattoo that read "GHETTO." I stared as long as I could and then drove on to the stop sign at the end of the block....more

Ireland's Alcatraz - Spike Island

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The Prison My Son Put Me In

I am serving time. No, I’m not a felon. I’ve never committed a misdemeanor. In fact, my last petty crime was over 37 years ago for a Milky Way bar, aisle 4, in a Safeway. Even though I was never caught, time has caught up with me, indirectly. My oldest son, who just made 24 years old, is serving his fourth term for crimes for which the penalties are devastatingly severe, not only to himself, but to our entire family....more
Thank you for sharing your heart so beautifully. Blessings and peace to you and your husband as ...more

Unicorns & Sunshine VS. Devils & Darkness

My mommy raised me to always be a lady.  Above all else, be a lady.  I would leave the house to go out for the night and the last words spoken were always, "Be a lady!"  Not "Be careful", not "Watch out for shady people", not "Are you wearing clean underwear?", ok, that was NEVER said, I think it was just always understood, as it should be.  But, I digress. ...more

Supreme Court Smacks Down California’s Prison System

Earlier this week the US Supreme court gave the State of California a serious spanking.  The court ordered the State of California, via its 5-4 ruling in Brown v. Plata, to decrease its prison rolls by 30,000 to 46,000 inmates within the next 2 years. Why?  Because the California state prisons were ruled to be in violation of the Constitution’s 8th amendment which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment....more