Do You Take Facebook Quizzes?

Earlier this week I took a Facebook quiz to find out my IQ. My results were astounding. I scored higher than Nicholas Tesla, somewhere in the range of 170. But... I'm a teacher's kid, and I was frequently tested as a child. I know that my IQ is nowhere near 170. I think the quiz was reporting my seventh grade weight. Now here's the thing. The fact that I took this stupid quiz makes me think my IQ might be half to a third of what Tesla's was. You would guess I would see the irony in this. Taking a Facebook quiz is like filling your car with gas, making sure the oil is full, and offering the keys to the guy who just robbed the bank. Sure, go ahead, take a good look at my personal information. Of course, I'm as smart as Tesla. ...more

Social Media Is not Your Friend

By Dr. Alissa Johnson, Faculty Member, School of STEM at American Military UniversityI consider myself a light-weight Facebook user. Most of my friends L-O-V-E Facebook. They are all in! Of all of those that surround me, let me tell you why I am a light-weight user. Let’s peel back the smelly onion of social media....more

I Got Hacked: Why You Should Heed Password Change Warnings

The weekend of the Ottawa Race was a big one at my house for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, we had a house full of runners and walkers participating in the half marathon. Secondly, I got hacked. Now I don't mean hacked in the small Twitter spoofing I-was-an-idiot-and-clicked-a-dm-link kind of way. I mean, account credentials stolen and credit card used to make a purchase kind of way. Here's how it happened. ...more
thinkitcreative Indeed!more

A Book Every Woman Online Should Read

The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy by Violet Blue is a book every woman online should read. The book describes the consequences when the wrong people gain access to your personal data, and it describes many ways to protect your data and yourself....more

This is Why We Can't Be Friends on Social Media

So there I was, sitting in the lunch room at work, eating my sandwich when someone passed around a photo book of a coworker's little boy.  Flipping through the book, the conversation wandered into the "Where'd you get that? That's so cute!" realm.  Then came the discussion of which photo site was the best and most economical, where you can find coupons, etc. ...more
Hmmmm….I suppose they shouldn't, but then again we posted them. So I suppose it's okay then. The ...more

Instagram sells photos of your kids. Now what?

 "Mom... Just. No. That's humiliating. Don't post anything about me. It's embarrassing."Said my teen when I first got on Facebook in 2005, as a full-time college student. He was more right than any of us could have predicted....more

The Roots of 'the Social Network' and How We Spend Our Time Online

I'm online all day, almost everyday. If not from my computer then from my phone. I have worked in social media for over eight years now (yeah I took the time to add it up). Back in the days of myspace I was pimping profiles for my friend dj Goo and Sychrovision Records (link has music)....more

Get your Vote on. Facebook Style

 The voting is open.  On Friday, Facebook began allowing users to vote on changes in the social networking giant’s privacy policy (what it calls its’ “data usage policy”).   Voting will remain open until June 8, 2012 at 9:00am PDT.  With nearly one billion users, Facebook is larger than most countries.  Every day millions of us log in to tell the world where we are and what we are doing.  We all know Facebook collects this information but what we are a little sketchy on is what they do with it.  The data usage policy explains how Facebook...more

Tales from the Bathroom: Longing for Privacy

Thank you! Loft life would get pretty tiresome I'm sure, at least that's what I keep telling ...more