Can your Privacy Policy be Read by a 5th Grader?

Zero. The number of people who have ever read word for word—and understood—a website’s privacy policy.Well, maybe not zero, but the actual number is pretty close to it. And this excludes the lawyers who compose these thick walls of tiny text that are filled with legalese....more

Privacy is more than locking your Doors

There are 10 distinct meanings of privacy.Protecting ReputationYou’ve heard of money management, right? Well, there’s also reputation management. There’s a difference between having facts about a person and then making judgments based on those facts. Often, judgments are skewered, and the result is a soured reputation.Showing Respect...more

Businesses fail in Customer Privacy

The U.S. Consumer Confidence Index, released by TRUSTe®, shows an alarming trend: A high percentage of U.S. people over age 18 are unnerved about their online privacy, and this trend is worsening....more

Google Buzz: Will the Privacy #FAIL Overshadow the Tool's Potential?

Over past few months Google has been trying to secure their spot not just as the go-to search engine, but as a real player in social media. Google Wave and the Google Nexus One phone were cool options to the norm and just last week Google unveiled yet another new social media tool: Google Buzz. Buzz is one more way to share your thoughts, pictures, favorite articles, etc. with your friends. Unlike Wave and Nexus One, Buzz has not been well-received for one reason: privacy....more

1. For quite a while, I've desired a way to easily follow my friends' Google Reader ...more

5 MORE Blogging Mistakes Beginners Make

Last week I pointed out some basic mistakes that almost all bloggers make at some point or another: auto-loading music using a dark background with light text too much sidebar clutter accidental plagiarism not using contextual links This week I want to point out five more mistakes that may not be quite so obvious. ...more

We just started our blog a few weeks ago and could never figure out why the font and its size ...more