California's New Anti-Paparazzi Penalties: Should Celebs Enforce Stalking Laws?

In late August, the California legislature overwhelmingly passed amendments to stiffen penalties connected to its current anti-stalking law. You can read the bill here. The objects of the amendments’ affection? Paparazzi who get too close. Lawmakers had sympathy for the idea that there is such a thing as paparazzi being too close, even to celebrities whom we might think don’t deserve such legal protections given that their careers are often spent in and dependent upon being the center of attention....more

They say it really extends to so much - this situation is no exception.

Makes my wander to ...more

Jet Lag Excuses: 7 Links Challenge

There's No Place Like Home This week I am breaking all my rules. Since the hotel I was staying in for a blogging conference was having technical difficulties and their Internet connection was not working (ironic, right), I was not able to post Monday. I am fresh in from New York. It's been a long (& fun) 5 days, and so I am opting for a Challenge I spotted on a really great blogging site for today's post....more


Seems like my last post, "Obama Caint Choose Kaine", riled some folks up. ...more