Facebook has broken faith with us (community pages)

Here's an experiment for you to try. So far, it's not working for all users that try it, but I think it's probably only a matter of time. 1) Lock up your Status Updates. Make sure you have listed in Privacy Settings that Only Friends can see your Status Updates. 2) List ABC High School in your Profile, in the Education section ("ABC" is whatever high school you attended). ...more

Amazon Sues North Carolina Over Customer Privacy

Carolinians: That super-embarrassing book you were hoping no one would find out you own? You may not get your wish. In an ongoing struggle with the state of North Carolina that stretches back to the state's decision to collect taxes from online stores last June, Amazon has brought a lawsuit against the state's Department of Revenue. Amazon claims that the state is violating its residents' privacy by demanding that the online retailer release personal information, including names and addresses, in reference to purchases dating back to 2003. ...more

I definitely think you're on to something with the trust issue, and frankly, the slipperiness of ...more

Helena Guergis' Alleged Miscarriage: None of Our Business

I think it's safe to say that Helena Guergis' political career is a mess. Between her and husband, former MP Rahim Jaffer, there's a dropped drunk driving charge, a very public meltdown, #bustyhookers and now allegations of influence peddling, consorting with alleged con-men, and cocaine use. And that's just part of what's been making the news. But what does all this have to with whether or not Guergis had a miscarriage? In my book, nothing. The press, however has another opinion. ...more

Is so concerned about getting stories out there that they've stopped considering whether or not ...more

Top reasons that employers give for accessing, and why they are wrong

Here is a list of the reasons people give for wanting your credit report, and why those reasons are complete bunk.  This list comes from e-how (in bold), and my reasoning is in normal ...more

Searching for Salmonella, How the CDC Found the Salami.

Remember a few months ago when they discovered that a pepper-coated salami, was the cause of 245 people in 44 states getting salmonella?...more

The Balance Between Protecting our Children and Respecting Their Privacy

Last week, the news broke about a Philadelphia-area school district that has been accused of misusing technology to spy on a student at home.As @vodkamom reported on Twitter and here on the BlogHer Family Connections forum:...more
You over obsessive diaper sniffers always make me think back on George Carlin... Here's a few ...more

School District Sued for Spying on Students via Webcam

Most U.S. school officials and teachers warn students about the dangers of sharing too much information online and teach young people ways to maintain relative privacy while connected to the Internet.  In Pennsylvania's Lower Merion School District, however, school officials allegedly took another approach: they surveilled students and their families by using the webcams built into laptops issued to students by their high schools....more



Students use computers for much more than reading e-texts, ...more

Student Webcams, School Spying--and Snowballs

The Snapper came home from school and said, “Mom, the school is using our laptop web cams to spy on us.”I said, “Where can I get one of those?” and he said, “they’re spying on you too.” ...more

Is It Okay With You When Family and Friends Put It ALL Out There On the Internet?

Imagine you are a guest at a wedding and during the reception a slide show of the bride's mother giving birth to the bride is displayed on giant flat screens while you eat your choice of chicken marsala or prime rib.  Is this appetizing?  As you sign onto Facebook: LOOK! There on your wall is an update from a friend who has "shared" a full-color picture of his red, angry surgical scar.  Do you send a "get well" poke?...more

Personally, I do not discuss others in my circle openly online unless I have their ...more

What Happens in Class Stays in Class?

Today, I began my Seminar on College Teaching by having the grad students and postdocs enrolled in it draw a picture that served as a metaphor for higher education today. Images of violence figured prominently in a few doodles. My students depicted the research university as a guillotine, a hunting lodge filled with trophy heads, and--perhaps most graphically--as a meat grinder into which students are fed like cheap steak destined to be hamburger. ...more

There are quite a few divergent questions here  - and I'm not sure how I feel about some ...more