Privacy issues - offline and online

As my son grows older, we have lots of reasons to celebrate: His growing sense of responsibility, the way he is able to write and almost read, and the way he is gaining control over his emotional and physical being....more

Why Should You Care About a Site’s Privacy Policy

Most websites should have a privacy policy (although I don’t think it’s always the easiest thing to find). And then once you do find it, you’ll see a huge amount of what I consider to be legal mumbo jumbo. And because you really should care about this stuff, the question becomes how do you sort through all this stuff?...more

My Privacy

My Privacy...more

Google+ Now Lets Anyone Send You Email Through Gmail: Here's How to Opt Out

Starting yesterday, and continuing over the next couple of days, Google is rolling out an improvement to its Gmail and Google+ platforms; allowing anyone who on Google+ to email you -- no matter whether or not you have a relationship. Wait. That's an improvement?...more
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Me and my (online) shadow

Once, when I was in tenth grade, my mother walked into the bathroom while I was showering to tell me that I had a phone call. She handed me the cordless phone through the shower curtain and laughed her way out of the bathroom. I told the caller (my friend Monica) that my mother was crazy and I would have to call her back....more

7 Scary Privacy Issues to Be Aware Of

We are all too aware of the National Security Agency breaking encryption and implanting back doors on various servers, networks and within numerous social sites, email providers, mobile networks, mobile phones and other platforms to gather intelligence in the name of safety and security for the American people and other friendly nations across the globe....more

Oops, I Hit Publish

So, where does the oops come in?  Well, it's important to note that once an article or blog is published on this site, there is no way to edit.  It's not grammatical errors I'm concerned about though.  I wrote a post about narcissistic fathers and their destructive impact on their adult children.  I may have shared some personal situations.   Perhaps I should have pretended they were situations belonging to a friend? ...more
Yes, one of my post popular posts is about all the dumb things I did or said as I was growing ...more

What is Up with All of the Privacy Settings Changes?

We're being forced into an age of sharing everything if we wish to be online, and having all of that information amassed under our real name for easy usage by large tech companies and the people to whom they choose to sell our likes and interests.  The only real way to opt-out is to not use these sites, though with the off-screen world mimicking the on-screen world, there really is no perfect privacy in an age where purchases are tallied and travel habits analyzed. The Information Age is both about putting information in the hands of the general public, but it's also about putting information in the hands of corporations. ...more
I HATE that they took away the option where you can opt out of search settings.  One quick look ...more

Privacy, What Privacy?

I wrote this three years ago and sadly nothing (much) has changed..... ...more

The Runner

 Lately, Son #1 really likes his privacy.  When he was a toddler, I naturally helped him bathe.  Now that he is six, he prefers to wash his hair and body independently.  I'm grateful because it is one less thing that I have to do. This morning's shower time was like any of the other times.  I called out.  "Son, it's time for your shower!" Son #1 complained.  "I don't want to take a shower!"  Why little boys prefer to stink...I'll never know. ...more