Create Google+ Circles By What You Post, Not Who is in Them

Google+ privacy for what you post is controlled by sharing with limited circles or specific individuals. Even though I wrote that you only need one Google+ circle, if you don't intend to make all your posts public you will likely need additional circles. (You may also want additional circles to control how you read posts on Google+, but I will save those considerations for another post.) ...more
That's a really interesting concept. I was doing that for the newsroom I was running but I ...more

Privacy Please: A Room of One's Own

“I understand completely, honey. Everyone needs his or her own space.” Whether it’s a few minutes alone or a room of one’s own, privacy is one thing you just can’t share."...more
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Yours Doesn't Smell Like Roses Either Kid

I just got finished doing something dirty.  Get your minds out of the gutter.  I just cleaned the cat litter.  It occurred to me while doing it that the cat is the only living creature in our house that gets to go the bathroom with any semblance of privacy.  ...more

6 Tips On How Celebrities Can Maintain Their Privacy

By: Stan Popovich Many celebrities have a difficult time maintaining their privacy. Here are a few suggestions on how celebrities can manage their private life and deal with the media. 1.  Monitor Your Fame and Adjust AccordinglyThe first step a celebrity can do is to monitor their fame. If a celebrity becomes a house hold name then he or she should expect the kind of media exposure that is coming their way. If a famous person isn’t always in the news, he or she can expect a little less attention....more

Facebook Exchange, Targeted Ads, and Opting to Opt Out

I read about the Facebook Exchange (FBX) curious as to what it meant for online privacy. I'm not of the belief that targeted advertising is all good or bad, but I do think we should have the ability to pick and choose how we're tracked online and by whom. From Facebook to Google, we’re opted in to these programs before, or if, we can choose otherwise, which raises the question: is a tailored web a better one? And what can we do about it?...more
@Kristen Daukas Thanks for your perspective as a marketing professional. I think that targeting ...more

A (nearly) public life

Blogging is personal. Well, I guess it doesn’t have to be. But all the blogs that I find engaging and worth going back to are personal. And whether I need to or not, I have tried to be personal here....more

Your Shopper Loyalty Card Data: Oh, the places it’ll go.

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Has this ever happened to you... on facebook?

Have you ever logged into facebook and had it ask you to enter your phone number 'for your protection'? I have... ...more

Living Together with Separate Bedrooms: Good Idea or Bad?

When I tried to imagine what it would be like to be married, all I could think about was having -- at the very least -- my own room. My best friend thought I was crazy, telling me some of the best and most intimate conversations happened in bed between couples. Dr. Phil even agrees separate bedrooms are a bad idea, so then why do one in four U.S. couples have separate bedrooms? What do you think -- are separate bedrooms helpful or more likely to hurt a relationship? ...more
I had doubts about magic spells after purchasing many spells that never worked and actually ...more

Facebook Acquires Instagram. How You Can Protect Your Info.

Have you heard? Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion in cash. A silly question, right? If you've been frequenting the Internet today, of course you already know! It's the hot topic of conversation regarding privacy concerns.With the many articles posted today, where does one begin to understand what the next steps are to protect information? Lets break this out.Three Solutions to Combat Privacy Concerns...more