A (nearly) public life

Blogging is personal. Well, I guess it doesn’t have to be. But all the blogs that I find engaging and worth going back to are personal. And whether I need to or not, I have tried to be personal here....more

Your Shopper Loyalty Card Data: Oh, the places it’ll go.

image via the American Library Association ...more

Has this ever happened to you... on facebook?

Have you ever logged into facebook and had it ask you to enter your phone number 'for your protection'? I have... ...more

Living Together with Separate Bedrooms: Good Idea or Bad?

When I tried to imagine what it would be like to be married, all I could think about was having -- at the very least -- my own room. My best friend thought I was crazy, telling me some of the best and most intimate conversations happened in bed between couples. Dr. Phil even agrees separate bedrooms are a bad idea, so then why do one in four U.S. couples have separate bedrooms? What do you think -- are separate bedrooms helpful or more likely to hurt a relationship? ...more
I had doubts about magic spells after purchasing many spells that never worked and actually ...more

Facebook Acquires Instagram. How You Can Protect Your Info.

Have you heard? Facebook acquired Instagram for 1 billion in cash. A silly question, right? If you've been frequenting the Internet today, of course you already know! It's the hot topic of conversation regarding privacy concerns.With the many articles posted today, where does one begin to understand what the next steps are to protect information? Lets break this out.Three Solutions to Combat Privacy Concerns...more

Privacy Please: Our Quick Deck Makeover

One of the best features of our new house is the deck. It's spacious, comes right off the kitchen, and unlike a lot of decks in the area, it actually has stairs to the ground level for the pups. We spent the majority of Saturday basking in the great sunlight it gets which was all it took to convince us to invest in some privacy! ...more

How Transparent is Your Marriage/Relationship?

Privacy is very important to some people, and a condition that is deserving of respect even in a marriage or a relationship.  But to others, privacy is something that is unnecessary in a marriage.  What is privacy really?  According to TheFreeDictionary.com, it is the quality of condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others.   Which leads me to my next question, “Should there by privacy in a marriage or relationship?”.  Are there boundaries or limits to confidentiality in a relationship? ...more

How To: Understand Google's New Privacy Policy and Protect Your Data

So you might be aware the Google launched a new privacy policy earlier this month. In fact, you might have bookmarked it for later reading, and then though "screw it" when it popped up in your face and clicked "I accept". Hmm. What did you just accept? Should you be worried? I read it. Accepted it. And then I took some measures to protect myself....more

A little privacy please

Despite what D may say my needs are simple. I keep telling him there’s a difference between high maintenance and high standards, but whatever…another day. What I need is some no-kids time. I say that with love....more

Is Privacy Just an Act?

I keep trying to write something up about the recent New York Times article on how Target gleans information from shoppers to better, well, target them as customers....more
I feel like a lot of us have just given up and given in. In Target and online, whatever you do ...more