The Great Sellout: Legal Tips for Using eBay, Craigslist and Amazon to Sell Goods

Hyper-Consumerism The words, "We're having a baby" are basically synonymous with "We're about to become hyper consumers." If you have childre...more

Mo-om, Don't you Ever Knock?

When do children start wanting alone time?  When do they start needing it? I know I sometimes complain about my kids being underfoot, but recently I've had cause to wonder, are they complaining about me being overfoot? And what about each other?...more

As a Facebooker, Do You Know the Following Terms?

According to a recent study from TRUSTe, 80% of teens use privacy settings on Facebook to hide content from friends or parents. If you want to know more about what your kids are doing on Facebook, you'd better get to know some slang terms they are using. And as a facebooker, do you know the following slang terms? • 2lc = Ecstasy • %- = Hung over • Juggler = Teenage drug dealer • YSG = You're So Gay [gay in the slang derogatory term] • GNOC = Get naked on cam • DOC = Drug of choice...more

Speak Up! Reputation Management and Social Media Strategy

Alyse Speyer, our Web Success Team contributor tells us how to manage our online reputation in the age of Social Media Marketing...more

(VIDEO) Big Fat Personal Data Leaks: Privacy and Controlling Your Personal Narrative

"Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are." That's one of those sayings we hear repeated and consider wise. You could probably come up with any number of similar quotes that suggest we can discern the nature and character of a person by what they say, do, wear, and even who they marry. Common sense right? But what if the person judging who you are is not looking at you in the real world but the virtual world? ...more

Man Caves vs Mom Caves

Lisa LaGrou www.Mommy-Network.comWe've all heard the term Man Caves. My husband has his own man cave in our finished basement that he prefers everyone steer clear of. It's his place to get away, watch his nerdy sports, play guitar and do his work. If our kids get into his things and touch something in his space, he's not the best sport about it....more

We're believers in mom caves too! We've got some great ideas for the busiest mom to the ...more How Much Information Is Really Being Shared?

My dad called me in a panic last week. "Have you heard of that spoke-o-dot-com website? HAVE YOU HEARD?" The fact that my calm and collected father seemed panicked about something was alarming enough. The fact that he knew something about tech news as he is decidedly un-tech was even more alarming. But, yes, I had heard of, and I was concerned about the level of information the search-engine-info-aggregator was sharing with the Web. ...more

I just went to that is scary. I am using my GOOGLETV from DISH Network so I am ...more

Private Time: Does it exist in your house?

As I write this, my four-year-old daughter, Sophie, is sitting on the toilet screaming at her twin brother, Nicholas, in the shrillest voice I have ever heard, "This is private time! Get out of here!" Private? Seriously? There is nothing private in my house. I am not sure I even recall what privacy feels like. I certainly wouldn't mind having a little bit of "private time" to myself. I would love to use the bathroom in private....more

A Little Privacy Please

No one told me that having a child means that you forego every ounce of your dignity from day one of finding that you've a peanut growing in your belly.  ...more

Don’t Take It Personally: Tips for Making Social Media Sites Secure Places

Don’t Take It Personally: Tips for Making Social Media Sites Secure Places Bad Attitude I've been in a snit for the last several days, which by definit...more