Facebook Rules the World

I've been telling people for more than a year that someday Facebook is going to rule the world. People get angry when I say this and spend a lot of time trying to explain to me just how horrible Facebook is. I hate Facebook as much as the next woman but guess what, I'm still in there using it every single day -- and odds are, so are you. ...more

I'd love to be able to deactivate mine. Maybe someday...

BlogHer Community Manager ...more

6 reasons burglars love Facebook and Twitter updates

It's human nature to enjoy telling our friends about our trips, but telling our "friends" on Facebook or "follows" on Twitter when we leave home is also great news to burglars. Here's why:...more

Annual E-Footprint Freakout

I use the web to date. Not dating sites, but the information people make available on the social networks I use. A stream of seemingly meaningless updates can tell me more about a person than a carefully curated dating site profile or first date conversation ever could. ...more

The first thing to come up on Google for me is my Ham Radio license and then my Twitter account. ...more

Surly Girl

I don't know when exactly it happened, but I woke up this morning and realized that my just-turned-four-year-old is actually a teenager in disguise (you see how I used italics there?  That's because this is serious business, yo. That means it's time to pay attention.  Time to stop with the italics, Mahreen. Right-tee-oh.  Onwards!). ...more

This sucks: breast pumping at work

Many of the women I know have made sacrifices to continue breastfeeding after they return to work. We do this despite the inconvenience and indignity of hooking ourselves up to a milking machine three times a day, because the health benefits for our babies and ourselves abound....more

4 Easy Steps to Control Your Facebook Privacy

Have you been worried about how many people can see your New Year's Eve party pictures from last year that your friends thoughtfully posted and tagged?  You know, the that shows you with a drink in your hand, dress cut low for the occasion, and with dark red lipstick where you're giving the photographer the finger - all in good fun?...more

Our Lips Are Sealed

I’m a pretty private person. I know that seems weird to say, considering I write this blog now, but in the non-virtual world I’m pretty good at keeping things about me to myself, only sharing with close family and a few select friends....more

Millennial Women Addicted to Facebook -- Or Not?

Between May 27 and June 3, 2010, the Oxygen Media Insights Group commissioned Lightspeed Research to survey a nationally representative sample of 1,605 U.S. adults who use social media. The survey included questions about consumers' usage and attitudes toward social media. And? Millennial women like Facebook. A lot. ...more
It's an addiction, no matter what the percentage.  I mean, if you don't think so, try going one ...more

Quotes on Millennials and the Future of Privacy

The Pew Internet & American Life Project recently released the results of one of its surveys on the future of the Internet. This particular survey asked a selected group of experts and the highly engaged Internet public, "Will the willingness of Generation Y / Millennials to share information change as they age? 67% of the experts and 69% of the total respondents said no, even as Generation Y matures and has families they will continue to share information online. ...more

Your Panties Are Not Safe: The Scoop on Underwear DNA Tests

My mother's grandmother once gave her a piece of unsolicited advice: if you want to cheat on your husband, don't worry, just dispose of your underwear. My grandmother had her own ideas –- which she dispensed to me herself, also unsolicited –- that one should make best friends with the staff because they're the ones who change your sheets and thus know all your "comings and goings." My mother and I thought of these ideas in the same way we think of antiques: cute, if totally outdated. Outdated, that is, until an e-mail stumbled into my inbox from a a scientist friend at USC, the subject of which read: "DNA tests underwear to prove infidelity." ...more

what a disgusting and disturbing thought. I wonder what else can our panties be tested for ...more