Unplugging And Recharging...On A "Private Island"

When our plane hit the ground at the Key West Airport, some big drops of rain began to fall from the sky.  I didn't care...we were almost to our destination; Little Palm Island Resort.  Robby grabbed our luggage while I headed outside to get in line for what I imagined to be very few taxies waiting to whisk visitors away.  After telling a couple of them where we were going (to catch our boat out to the island...), they shook their head, saying that was a 30 minute ride; too far of a fare for them to take....more

Private Island Anniversary Trip!

OK, so here I am sitting at the Miami airport. Caitlin and I woke up early so she could make her morning flight back home. Me...I got to walk about 40 miles (I know; I'm dramatic )...to MY next gate to get checked in for a late afternoon flight to my next destination for 5 DAYS! Now, about that 40 mile hike through the airport...It just so happened that my gate was at the entire other end of the terminal from where Caitlin's was. I asked an attendant how far it was; he said, "Oh, about 2 blocks." Don't ever believe those people; they obviously DON'T know how far a block is!...more