ABC Television Puts Murderous Mommy on "Private Practice" Instead of Postpartum Depression Sufferer

ABC Television contacted Postpartum Support International several weeks ago to say they were doing a story about postpartum depression on an episode of "Private Practice" and wanted to do a public service announcement (PSA) with information about the illness.  I was aware of this project, because as the PR board chair for PSI, I had to write the PSA copy.  I was told a message about the PSA would appear at the end of the episode (which aired last night) and would direct people to the ABC website to watch it.  ABC wouldn't tell PSI any more about the episode.  ...more

How A Real Woman Transitions From A Large Firm To A Solo Practice--Angela 1/13/09

Angela Reddock is an attorney, specializing in employment and labor law issues, in practice for 14 years.   She previously worked on her own, but gave it up to work for a large law firm.  “I felt I needed an association with a larger firm to be successful,” she says.   Now, she’s starting up her own practice again.  “Having my own firm gives me the opportunity to practice law in a manner which I deem important, while also providing me the freedom and flexibility to pursue my civic and public interests,” she explains. Making The Decision ...more

Ridiculous Agenda-Pushing on "Private Practice"

I'm embarrassed to admit that I watch this show.  It stopped being watchable after the first few episodes.  I think it has become a habit, more than anything.  But I'm kicking this habit after tonight's episode. ...more

Monogamy = No Condoms?

OK people, I have to get something off my chest here. My husband and I were watching an episode of Private Practice last week, and we concluded the show with our jaws on the floor. (For those of you who aren't familiar with the show, it's a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy, starring Kate Walsh as Dr. Addison Montgomery. When Addison left Seattle Grace, she moved to Los Angeles to meet up with ...more

That's what I was saying, but I asked one of my friends, and she said that she thought what ...more

an unintended side effect of the writers strike

As the winter months creep in, I find myself spending more time in the comfort of my warm home and less time hanging out with friends or doing non-homey stuff. With my increased cave time, I also begin to catch up with my old friend, the TV. ...more