Our Education Options: Public vs Private

Schooling Options and Choices In Chicago, this is a tricky subject. If you've read any of my blogs in the past you know that the schooling options in the city are varied and that it takes a good deal of time not only figuring it out but also navigating your way through the school options maze....more


Private Thoughts The other night some friends and I got into a discussion regarding private school for our kids.  Most people would agree if you can afford it, there are benefits, such as smaller classes, more intense curriculum and most importantly, the  chance to be a cheerleader even if you cannot do a basic somersault, much less a back flip off a pyramid made of other cheerleaders....more

It's About Choice, and We're Choosing Public School Over Private School

Last summer, a neighbor and I were having a pleasant chat at the park while our kids were playing. She has two girls ages 8 and 10 who attend our neighborhood private school. She waxed eloquently about the benefits of said school (which I do not dispute), and assumed I was going to send my kids there too. When I casually replied that I was planning on sending my son and my daughter to the local public school, she went red in the face and started sputtering. She informed me that everyone in our part of the neighborhood sends their kids to the private school. I quite nicely said that I understand, but it’s important to us that we support the public school system....more
I love being able to jump on this dogpile. We decided to give our church's school a try when my ...more

The Kindergarten Quest Kicks Off

Last week I tried on a Vera Wang wedding gown. No, no, I’m not getting married, or remarried, or even renewing my vows. I’m happily hitched, thanks. And, I haven’t actually tried on any dresses recently. The Vera Wang wedding gown is my favorite metaphor to describe venturing into territory you can’t afford....more

Why I Hate Back-to-School: A Rant

I just returned from dropping off enrollment forms at my daughter's kindergarten. For the second time since early enrollment in May. Apparently, they're afraid we might have moved in two months and thus shouldn't be eligible to attend my girl's public school. And this leads me into my rant about schools in this country. ...more
I am one of 6 kids. My parents had no choice but to use public schools.  It was never an issue.  ...more

Mommy Versus Nanny

My six-year-old and I get in our daily morning debates before school. This rainy Monday in late Fall was no exception. I tell him to wear the raincoat. “Zipper it,” I say. “I don’t want your t-shirt to get wet.” “I can’t,” he whines and I get on my knees to attempt the zipper. The silver zipper puller thingy falls off. ...more

Changing Schools and Leaving Friends

Changing Schools...and leaving friends ...more

Orlando mom’s blog gets her sued by private school

Freedom of Speech or defamation? Orlando mom Sonjia McSween decided to voice her opinions about her daughter’s school. So she created a blog to let other parents know how she felt about The New School of Orlando. McSween was no fan of the school, and The Orlando Sentinel says her public statements resulted in the school filing a defamation suit asking for damages and for publication to cease. The suit was filed in Orlando, the ninth judicial circuit court. ...more

Stories like this make me wonder if the Blogosphere can get organized enough to craft itself a ...more