Merry...err Happy Holidays! (a little late)

I would NEVER be offended that someone told me to have a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, or a Blessed Winter Solstice. I am however ridiculously offended when people have a problem with me saying Happy Holidays, or when they see Happy Holidays in public spaces.There is even a Facebook page eloquently called "Its Merry Christmas not happy holidays bitch".I've heard it a million times "Why do we have to be politically correct?", "This is a WAR on Christmas!", "ME ME ME ME ME", "but Kwanzaa is just made up" etc...more

"Girls" And Self-Entitlement: Do I Know How Lucky I Am?

We don't have HBO, or cable for that matter, so I'm a teeny bit behind the ball when it comes to television culture. But thanks to the bounty of blog posts and attention given to Girls, I feel like I know enough about the show that's taken the media world by storm. Everywhere I click boasts the show's success or criticizes its lack of diversity, which in turn allows me to offer my ten cents on a show I've never even seen....more
 @laneyta btw- it's tiffany - the VA tiffany :)more