A Guy's Guide to Feminism: 6 Privileges You Don't Realize You Have

Okay. By now we've realized that feminism isn't just about women, and you've got an idea of how to talk to women about feminism.Today, let's look a little more at the privileges men don't realize they have — something that is bound to come up when discussing feminism with anyone.But first things first.Try to be open-minded with this one....more

Friendship, Respect & Privilege

After a long week of being trapped inside with chores that had to be completed, and with essays to be written - C & L are finally free!  They survived their long week, and did a wonderful job completing all their tasks without being asked - we truly are the lucky ones because they are such great kiddos- so we finished up this past Sunday by treating the girls to their favorite bagel shop in town. ...more

Intersectional Feminism as a Path to Unity

Combatting oppression can be extremely daunting – oftentimes, it feels necessary to just check out of the fight altogether. I would like to say (perhaps foolishly) that most people have a goal of combatting oppression in some sense of the word; as with most things in life, I’d also assume that most people have a different idea about what is the most effective way to go about it. Ideally, there would be a singular method to eradicate inequality....more
We all have to take pause at times, most especially when we stereotype in assumptions. A will to ...more

As a white, teenage girl I experienced a kind of privilege Michael Brown could never imagine

When I was 16 I was picked up for shoplifting, among other things, some makeup from my neighborhood grocery store....more

Being Thankful for our First World Problems

With Thanksgiving coming up so quickly, I got to thinking about all of the things that I have to be thankful for.  In order to get some inspiration, I had a peek at a trending hashtag - #FWP - or First World Problems....more


This morning I got going a little earlier than usual, as I was expecting a delivery and wanted to be sure I was awake and dressed and didn't miss hearing the doorbell. I'd stayed up the night before just as late as I normally do, so was somewhat tired and bleary-eyed as I went through my usual morning routine. Still, once I'd made a coffee and settled down in front of my computer I realized that in spite of my sleepiness it was rather nice to have some extra, unexpected quiet time of my own - time to think, to prepare myself for the day, to catch up on odds and ends. ...more

I Am Not Trayvon Martin: Some Thoughts on White Privilege

Sunday morning saw a proliferation of hoodies on my Facebook home page. Hoodies and status updates shouting, “We are all Trayvon Martin!” Or sometimes, “We are all Trayvon’s mother.” These were posts by liberal, thoughtful white people -- teachers and homemakers, professors and artists. I get the point. It’s a show of solidarity....more


Matthew 12:14-21; St. Apollinarius, 20th Day of Fast for Non-Violence; Eleventh Day of Ramadam ...more

Trayvon Martin, The East, and the Consequences of Privilege

I remember being a kid and wondering why the fuck all of the grownups I knew seemed so incredibly laissez-faire about everything that was wrong with the world....more

Being Privileged

Luke 10:1-9 Feast of St. Luke...more