Happy 3rd Birthday Nanahood!! With Giveaways, Games, Prizes & More!

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Giveaway FAQ

Many blogs offer giveaways at one point or another. With all the bonus entries and such, some may be confused and just decide it's not worth it to enter. Actually, you have a better chance at winning a blog-hosted giveaway with a couple hundred entrants versus a sweepstakes at the mall for a car or Hawaiian vacation. I hope these answers help a bit:...more


Our calendar is full! Thanks to BlogHer.com we have planned a FABULOUS Christmas week vacation! We have decided to make this a "car-trip" instead of flying in; this gave us more credit from our prize winnings for more shows and attractions! Having our car , will also give us a chance to drive the four hours over to Pasadena, California, to visit long missed family to make this a wonderful 2010 Christmas reunion too! So here’s the calendar so far... Just getting out of Texas, will be our first goal, so it will be up and at ‘em at 4:00 am Saturday morning December 18th....more

A Grand Party and 7 GIVEAWAYS!

Last weekend a couple good friends and I went to the Asheville Food and Wine Festival sponsored by WNC magazine. It was belly-bulging day of tasting! We sampled regional wines, dishes from local restaurants, and many specialty food made right here in Western North Carolina. ...more

Giveaway: Enter To Win This Bottle Drying Rack

by Sarah Welch & Alicia Rockmore Two weeks ago, a fellow mom sent a group message to a few of her Facebook friends asking them to list the accomplishments they were most proud of in 2009. It was neat to see the responses from others, some of whom we knew, some of whom we didn’t. Answers ranged from the birth of a child to finishing a book. One reply in particular caught our eye… ...more

Winter Giveaway - What Prize Do You Want?

Right, as Christmas is fast approaching I decided I'd better keep my promise about another giveaway! I am fairly stumped for ideas though - what do you guys want to see on offer?!My most pressing questions are:1. What kind of jewellery you want - necklace, bracelet, earrings etc.2. What material? Last time it was pearls - I'm happy to go with pearls again but equally I can do chainmaille, chandelier glass or a mixture.3. Something from the shop (http://www.eiriel.etsy.com) or something created especially for the giveaway?...more

Not Banking on Rankin

'You sound much posher than you used to,' my former university tutor says. 'That's because I'm putting on my posh voice for you,' I reply. 'You don't have to pretend to be posh for me,' he laughs. The hair is whiter and the arms are more muscular, but the clothes and voice haven't changed. I'm not sure if he does truly remember me, but he's making a good show of it when I shyly say hello. I'm at the Edinburgh International Book Festival with my book group friends on our annual day trip. I know, I know, the rock 'n' roll factor is off the scale. ...more

EPA's "Radon: Test, Fix, Save a Life" Video Contest

EPA is sponsoring a contest inviting Americans to make informational videos to help spread the word about the dangers of Radon. We are looking for 30-60 second videos with the theme "Radon: Test, Fix, Save a Life" that encourage Americans to test their homes for radon, and fix the radon problem if they find one. ...more

Pay It Forward!

I visited one of my favorite blogs, Word Strumpet, over the weekend and found that Charlotte was having a contest. The first three commenters would win a prize (either a half-hour writer’s coaching session or a manuscript critique). ...more