Marking Roe v. Wade: Where Do You Stand on Abortion Rights?

A snow storm closed area schools for two days, but that didn't stop busloads of people from braving the weather to head down to the Mall in order to affirm and protest abortion rights on the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade. ...more
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A Filibuster for Feminism (Drama in the Texas Statehouse)

I was working on my website yesterday (doing a bunch of boring stuff y'all don't really need to know about) when someone on my Facebook page mentioned that there was a filibuster going on in the Texas state house. My first reaction was 'what is the Texas legislature doing in session'? and my second was 'why should I care'? ...more

The Sky Is Not Falling

And I am, frankly, getting pretty tired of Chicken Little. I have what I am calling "donor fatigue," and I worry that it has much bigger implications than we might think. ...more

So Long, Pro-choice. Call Me Pro-faith.

As posted to the Huffington Post on May 7, 2013:Whoever came up with the term "Pro-Life" is a marketing genius. It's a phrase of positivity and affirmation for something universal: life. It lays claim to all that is good, and by doing so casts any dissenters in the shadow of death. Literally. Because if you're not Pro-Life, then axiomatically, you're Pro-Death....more

Abortion and Down Syndrome

First of all, let’s get one thing straight: I am not in the business of judging women for when and why they choose to abort. If you’re only going to take one thing away from my blog ever, please let it be that.Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I have something that I want to talk about.I want to talk about the fact that, according to some studies, an estimated 90% of fetuses that receive a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome are aborted....more

Roe vs. Wade as a Global Imperative

The right for a woman to choose whether or not to give birth and to have access to safe, legal abortion services is not only a human right but a global imperative.  As reported in the Stanford [University] News recently, Stanford biologists Paul and Anne Ehrlich maintain that global civilization is moving toward a collapse. ...more

Two Stigmas Preventing Full Reproductive Freedom

As Election Day approaches, Roe v Wade remains the law of the land, but with a Republican victory and an aging Supreme Court, this law may very well be in jeopardy. ...more
This is a very interesting article. While I am parent, it never occurred to me that ...more

How I am

We’re all bundles of complexity, right?You love scary movies but you won’t go on roller coasters.You are a vegetarian but you wear leather.You buy local, but you shop at Wal Mart.You consider yourself a person of faith, but you don’t attend church.You are pro-choice, but would never have an abortion.Yeah, sh*t just got real, right?...more

United We Stand Against the War on Women

Last Saturday, in 54 cities around the United States, thousands of women, men and children gathered to say that the War on Women would not be won without a fight. Saturday was political, it was personal, and it was devoid of press. No mainstream media covered these events. At all. But we remain, tireless and filled with conviction. ...more
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If you are PRO-CHOICE you might wanna skip this post…..

Just a word of caution.  If you are reading this post and you have children in the house, you may want to close the window before you leave your computer unless they are old enough to know about this topic.Abortion.It’s become just a word in our society.  Even for myself, as a religious woman, it has been a word that is said in passing without much thought for what it actually means.  We rattle off statistics, but do we really stop to think what they add up to?...more