Someone Loves You

Every Tuesday Gita would go protest at one of her local planned parenthood clinics on behalf of speechless fetuses. She stood on the "pro life" side but had friends and family with both similar and different opinions on the subject....more

An Informed Choice

Many moons ago, Mikey and I were sitting at the round wood small conference table in the office of our perinatologist. In his almost comically strong Jersey accent, he was advising us to terminate the child that I was carrying that we had discovered via amniocentesis would be sporting an extra chromosome. "She'll be a burden for life," he said, "and when you are gone, she'll burden your other child." He went on to say that, "sometimes these people can do things like work, but that doesn't happen often...they are just burdens." ...more
I was 43 when I became pregnant with my son. I had completed treatment for Breast Cancer a ...more

the last generation?

There were four of us, sitting on a floor with our kids playing around us. We were chatting amiably. as mothers will. Our conversation, so mild and friendly and in tone, stretched over ground that most mothers won't likely ever touch: open heart surgery. Cochlear implants. Ear tubes. ...more

Why Does This Article Make Even Pro-Choice Women Squirm?

Jenny, 39, desperately wanted another child. She and her husband were already parents, but now found themselves unable to conceive. Years of fertility treatments followed while the couple waited and hoped for good news, enduring invasive medical procedures and spending thousands of dollars in the process.Six years later, the now 45 year-old Jenny was delighted to learn that she was finally pregnant....more

Trust Women: Save Reproductive Health Clinics in Kansas

Harassment by both anti-choice legislation and extremist terrorism has lead to the closure of all but three reproductive health clinics in Kansas that offer abortions. Now many women have to drive hours to reach one of the few remaining places to get any abortion procedure. It's a barrier to access that anti-choicers use to undermine a woman's right to control her own body upheld by Roe v. Wade -- and for many Kansas women, it means that they cannot, in reality, exercise their reproductive rights. ...more
That is the key: TRUST women, to make the right decisions.more

Roe v. Wade vs. Hollywood

Movies are a powerful medium. What people take away from a film is important. And if your market is 18-24 year olds, you wield major influence. Which is why an L.A. Times article highlighting an anti-abortion thriller opening the Hoboken International Film Fest got my full attention....more

I hope that they do not have to worry about about their reproductive rights - and that this very ...more

Coming to TN in 2014: The Abortion Debate

On Friday, the Tennessee House voted to put an amendment regarding abortion on the ballot for 2014. Per the Chattanooga Times-Free Press:...more

What's Scariest About Pro-Life Bills

The recent number of anti-abortion bills proposed by conservative Congress members is alarming....more

Dear Pro-Choice Friend

Dear Pro-Choice Friend, I know you have felt judged by women like me, and I understand because I have felt the same by women like you. But you don’t know me and I don’t know you or judge you. I don’t know your situation or how you came to believe what you believe. However you do not know why I believe what I believe either, and my reasons are just as important to me as yours are to you.    Your reason for accepting abortion as a woman’s choice is important and logical to you, it makes sense right?...more

Anti-Choice Bills Will Send Women to the Back Alleys

Allow me to surprise some of you.  I’m a deeply religious person, and I’m pro-choice.  So are many others in my Presbyterian congregation in suburban Upper Arlington, Ohio.  So are many other deeply religious people and clergy (men and women) who I work with across Ohio through the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  We come from Judaic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist, and Lutheran faiths.  Yes, you read that right.  Religion and Choice.   In fact, when the Ohio legislature writes law...more