Controversy Over The New Emergency Contraceptive Approved By The FDA

I recently wrote a post about the controversial proposal of making birth control pills available over-the-counter, and in even more controversial news, on Friday the FDA approved a new (prescription only) emergency contraceptive. This new emergency contraception is not the morning after pill, but it's not an abortion pill either. ...more

The last line of your argument untangles the whole thing. "...of all the possible pregnancies it ...more

The "Financial Abortion" Option for Men

I learned about "financial abortions" -- an upfront statement from a guy to his partner that says he doesn't want a kid and therefore, if she gets knocked up, she can't hold him financially responsible -- in an article that made me slap my head. ...more
"The flip side of the coin is how does this actually help anyone but irresponsible men?" One can ...more

He faced a life of hardship. She chose life.

You can't really argue with this ad, put out last year by Almost all abortions end lives with every possibility imaginable. Who might've been today among the millions of babies killed by abortion? We will never know. This mom chose life:...more

Results of Recent Primaries—a signal of change in the abortion debate?


Spot on! I believe this is one of the most important shifts in the US American political ...more

Sexism and Scientology: L. Ron Hubbard's Now-Absent Chapters and Female Scientology Staff's Alleged Forced Abortions

In a special report entitled "No Kids Allowed" at, the website of the St. Petersburg Times, women come forward and tell unsettling stories of their lives working for the Church of Scientology's religious order, the Sea Organization. The women began working for the church in their teens during the 1990s in exchange for food, clothing, shelter and medical care. They devoted themselves to performing whatever tasks deemed necessary to furthering church goals, and anything that interfered with that work was considered a distraction that must be eliminated, including children. Some of these women were coerced to have abortions, they tell the Times. ...more

Laura Bush Opens Up: Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage, Totally Unexpected

Former First Lady Laura Bush was well known as a sort of traditional First Lady: content to take a supporting role to her president husband during his eight years in office. Recently, though, Laura published her memoirs, revealing surprising details about her personal life -- and her personal disagreements with George W. ...more

I thought her almost complete silence on these issues while her husband was president, along ...more

New Anti-Abortion Oklahoma Laws Apply Emotional Screws to Choice

In what could be considered an excellent example of states' rights versus federal law that protects women's reproductive and civil rights, the Oklahoma legislature voted Tuesday to override Democratic Gov. Brad Henry's veto of two constraining abortion laws. One requires pregnant women to see the fetus in the womb and hear details about its development and appearance so the women will understand that they carry life, babies. The other law protects doctors from lawsuits if they fail to inform women of a fetal defect. ...more
The doctor's job is to give the pregnant woman information. She then is responsible for whatever ...more

Someone needs to take the negative PR off abortion's back!


I am always curious about views on abortion in other countries/societies. It perplexes me ...more

Super Bowl Ad Over TeBlown?

It was hyped, discussed and blogged to death, but the Tim Tebow Super Bowl commercial was hardly the controversy it was made out to be. ...more

Roe, Roe, Roe Your Reproductive Health Boat and Get Nowhere

Last Friday, Jan. 22, 2010, marked the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, when the Supreme Court legalized abortion across the United States. This is not to say that abortion was not legal at all before Roe - it was legal in 1/3 of states before Roe, and it was legal in the US before the Victorians more or less ruined everything with their horrid morality issues. But don't get me started on the Victorians... ...more