Repairing the Damage, Before Roe by Waldo Fielding M.D. in today's New York Times is a must read and must share. Fielding is 80; his generation of doctors knows the real stories about the injustices of illegal abortion. An excerpt: ...more

why she's a katie girl


Who talks about abortion?

I often wonder why people say the things that they say. I think about the discussion on abortion and I think its like beating a dead horse. People disagree with this idea, but it makes sense to me. My reasoning is that if you take someone who is pro-life and someone who is pro-choice and let them begin a conversation, it will most likely end the same way, EVERY time! ...more

Mothers Day Blogswarm for Maternal Death

The ArchCrone and the ShortWoman are proud to announce a Mothers Day blogging event called the Mothers Day Blogswarm for Maternal Death.   ...more

why she's a katie girl

I'm a Katie Girl because of society. Society has created a mold for me that I am simultaneously trying to fight and fit into. Societal pressures are so much a part of me that I can no longer figure out the difference between what I want and what society wants me to want. This makes me complicated...   To read the rest of the entry, click here ...more

Pro-life? Pro-choice? Pro-Saving women's lives? Here's how we can work together

Have I told you lately how much I love how smart this community is? Here's what I'm on about: Over the weekend, BlogHer community member Valiens of A Brain Like Mine blogged great questions about the BlogHers Act fundraiser to save women's lives: "I'm wondering whether the women's health care available in any given country is able to provide birth control in any meaningful way, and I'm wondering what the general attitude and practice is among the providers in the various countries about abortion....I'm also wondering if any of the organizations being supported are specifically political in nature, or in support of, or being supported by, political organizations, and which ones they are, and what their mission statements propose. Again, this could be an important factor regarding donations. Transparency is most desirable.On top of that, I'm willing to say I have some potential donors who would have questions about vaccinations, AIDS treatments, religious involvements...more" I love Valiens' questions because it gives me an opening to talk more about BlogHer's philosophy for our BlogHers Act fundraiser, and why we chose to work with GlobalGiving to support five projects we deliberately selected with an eye to exactly the issues she raises. Here goes... ...more

This is exactly the information I was hoping for! Thanks so much for being so thoughtful in ...more

Is John McCain a Pro-Choice Republican? Is He a Threat to the Pro-Life Movement?

Is John McCain a Pro-Choice Republican? Would you vote for him if he was? There seems to be a lot of confusion over whether or not John McCain is pro-choice or pro-life. Why is that? Up until a few hours ago, I would have said I thought he was pro-choice. Maybe it has something to do with Republicans For Choice supporting John McCain? ...more

Believing that life begins at conception is NOT a religious belief, therefore not all people ...more

Why I'm Pro-Choice

I am pro-choice. I cannot convince you to share my convictions if you do not, however I can explain to you why I hold this belief. I offer my perspective not as an invitation for anyone to attempt to change my mind - you will not succeed - but in hope that, along with Shannon's post explaining why she is pro-life, we can have a civil discussion that moves us to a point at which we can find some common ground. Personally ...more

You've very welcome for the post and though you sound as if you were perfectly eloquent in your ...more

Why I'm Pro-Life

I wasn't always pro-life. In the early '90's, I was a card-carrying, sign-waving, Clinton-campaigning pro-choicer.  I held to the notion that a fetus couldn't fully be life, since it was dependent entirely on another for its existence.  And I believed the notion that abortion is unfortunate, but it wasn't any of the government's business. ...more

well Ive spent about an hour reading what everyone has to say and i agree and disagree with ...more

Abortion debate: Man Spikes A Woman's Drink With RU-486, Causing Her To Lose Her Pregnancy.

A man purposefully puts RU-486 in a woman's drink, causing her to miscarry, not just once but twice (CNN News clip). This is truly a heinous crime and an affront to a woman's right to choose. A woman's reproductive rights are sacred, and just as no man should be allowed to force a woman to have a child if she is not ready, no man should be able to force her to lose a child if she is choosing to keep it. ...more

I think Catherine and the other commenters pretty much covered everything I was thinking about ...more