The Inner Path: Get Out Of Your Own Way!

        Nothing strengthens the judgment and quickens the conscience like individual responsibility. ~ Elizabeth Cady Stanton   Do you ever catch yourself going on and on about all the blunders others around you your friend is always late to work, your neighbor drinks too much, your cousin is too easy on his kids, your micro-managing boss..... but if someone hands you a criticism, you once again react with surprise, anger, and indignation.  Part of taking responsibility for our own lives involves figuring out where and how we get in our own way of making progress toward our goals. ...more
Ever wonder why you're not making progress toward your might just be your own ...more

New Midlife

The stereotype of midlife sometimes is as a crazy, mixed-up, messed up, traumatic time in life. Think of the man who has been married for 21 years that suddenly ends his marriage to start a relationship with a much younger woman Or buys a Harley when he hasn't been on a bike in years and has never ridden a motorcyle Or think of the whacked out lady who cries at the drop of a hat Or the lady who lives alone in an apartment with 100 cats. A time of crisis. ...more

All-Pro v. Anti This and That

No rants today. I am proactive. Life is such a dynamic bowl of soup, that I like the few times when I can act instead of react. Most days (but by no means all the time!) I would rather be the paddle than the boat. I am pro-aging. Every living thing on the planet is either aging or it is dead. It is better to be over the hill than under it. I am pro-people. ...more