It's all about body image.  At least on the surface that's what some might have us believe....more
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When a 16 Year Old "Gets" Anorexia

And if you want to starve yourself down to a size two because you think that's indicative of your will power, if you think that will make you happy, then get ready learn what the girls on that pro-ana website already know: you could starve yourself to death just to prove you're not like everyone else and can control of this one thing. Except whatever control you think you have over your body, is really only control that the eating disorder has over you....more
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Why Do "Pro-Ana" Blogs Still Exist?

So I've always heard about Pro-Ana (anorexia) blogs but I've never actually looked at one. They're terrifying. In case you're wondering. I know the internet can't take them all down, so the title is rhetorical...but it is SO scary to see what girls are doing to their bodies and minds. I just kept reading in horror because I was so shocked. I've always known eating disorders exist and I know how awful they are...but it's insane to read a blog written by an anorexic girl. This blog hasn't been updated since Spring of 2009 but reading what she wrote was crazy....more
@Joanna Poppink Thank you so much! It's definitely an awful thing but I'm so glad that there are ...more